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Angola’s Mobile Services Ahead Of Europe and Many Parts of The USA

It is 10 years since the end of Angola’s civil war.

The country has made enormous strides in rebuilding its economy, which is expected to grow by around 8% this year.

Much of that is due to the country’s enormous oil reserves – it’s now the second biggest producer in Africa.

The rapid growth in the economy has led to a boom in infrastructure development.

That’s evident in the capital Luanda, where you’ll see the skyline being transformed by newly-built towers of glass and steel.

Look out to the coast from downtown and you’ll be greeted by the spectacle of a vast sweep of land being reclaimed from the sea, to build a dramatic new peninsula.

Expect a new marina, yet more skyscrapers and fancy restaurants to populate the area, in the years to come.

But infrastructure growth doesn’t just mean more office blocks and motorways.

It also means a big upgrade in the mobile phone network available to Angolans. They’re in the process of getting high-speed 4G services – ahead of most of Europe and many parts of the US – thanks to a $100m project underway there.

It means customers in Luanda will enjoy faster mobile download speeds than their counterparts in London.

The phone operator is Movicel – the one of Africa’s biggest GSM providers.

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