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Serena Williams Goes Raw For Big Sister Venus

Serena Williams has no trouble at all changing her eating habits if it means making things easier for her sister, Venus. After Venus was diagnosed with Sjorgen’s syndrome, her diet had to change in order to help her body deal with the autoimmune disease. Cutting down on chicken and fish and including more raw foods are only some of the changes that Serena has made so that she won’t tempt her older sister into eating foods that she can’t have.

The new diet has been an easy adjustment for Serena, as eating healthy was always a top priority of hers. She jokingly commented, “I’ve always been a better eater than her, even though I’m a lot, lot thicker.” Serena has been very mindful of Venus’s diet changes and expressed her concern, “I don’t want her to come home and see a piece of chicken and be like ‘Oh, I want it’ and she can’t have it. It would be like a stumbling block for her.”

As both of the Williams sisters work on defeating their own health issues, Serena is just excited to get to play tennis again. The last year has been quite a test for Serena after dealing with an ankle injury, cuts on her foot from glass at a restaurant, and clots in her lungs. “I’m just really looking forward to having a chance to play,” Serena exclaimed as she referenced just how long she had been forced off the tennis court.

Although Serena was forced off the court, she had plenty to keep her busy. She has an upcoming appearance on Drop Dead Diva and has also been devoting much of her time to her line of nail polish. In addition to these ventures, the tennis star has also been working constantly on her clothing company, Aneres, and business school.

Her latest venture was inspired by her difficulty sleeping just before the Australian Open. Along with several other influential figures, such as LeBron James and Chris Paul, Serena has been promoting Sleep Sheets. Williams states that her “natural high on life” keeps her awake frequently and her lack of sleep before the Australian Open caused her to perform quite sluggishly on the court. She was ousted in the fourth round.


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