NBA Jerseys Could Become Corporate Billboards


NBA jerseys could begin to look a lot like WNBA jerseys if certain owners have their way. Owners across the league are considering the addition of corporate-sponsored logos being placed on player uniforms.

The move would allow companies to pay up to $7.5 million per year to place their logo on a team’s uniforms, according to Business Week.  Selling jersey space would help owners combat the $300 million in losses reported by commissioner David Stern last year.

Corporate sponsorships are no stranger to the four major American leagues—NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB—but never have they been given the opportunity to place their logos on actual jerseys. Major League Soccer has allowed it since 2006, and some WNBA teams resemble walking billboards.

While most fans scoff at the idea of ruining their favorite team’s jersey, it clearly would be a great advertising opportunity for corporate America.


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