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Mike Tyson Spotted in Poland Promoting Black Power Energy Drink

Mike Tyson, his wife Kiki and son Morocco were spotted in Poland as the former heavyweight champ made rounds to promote Black, a new energy drink. Paparazzi were on the scene as the family walked through Warsaw. “In Warsaw, Poland. Just wrapping commercial for Black Power Energy Drink. They put me on the can,” Tyson wrote on his Twitter page.

No stranger to media attention, Tyson seems to be trying to repair his image. Prior to his trip to Warsaw, he had just finished a stint in Las Vegas doing a one-man show titled “Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth.” The show was met with mixed reviews.  “Tyson surprised [the audience] with medical-grade honesty, “said ESPN’s Rick Reilly. “For two hours, it poured out of him like lava, raw and awful and sweet and funny and disgusting. He mangled words and got hopelessly lost and then found paths you’d hope he wouldn’t.”

Tyson also made headlines recently because of a confession that he left out of his show. When asked if there was anything he didn’t tell his Vegas audience, he said “I didn’t talk about getting a prison official pregnant. Oh yeah. In prison, stuff happens. But she had no baby.” He has also mentioned his financial woes in interviews, saying he has been forced to live “from paycheck to paycheck.” Hopefully, this endorsement deal from the energy drink and revenue from his sold-out show will generate some revenue.

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  1. Every man deserves to rise from the ashes. The media has demonized him enough. I wish him the best! Keep going Mike you are on the right path.

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