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Brooklyn Nets Unveil Jay-Z Designed Logo

“The new primary logo – created by Brooklyn’s own JAY Z – retains the shield from its previous iteration, and adds that iconic Brooklyn ‘B’ to the basketball that has been part of every logo since the franchise’s 1967 inception as the Americans. The Dodgers had their lettermark, and the Nets have added another model for the borough to bear. “Brooklyn,” of course, is spelled out below. Nets CEO Brett Yormark called this “the new badge for Brooklyn,” and JAY Z believes the design’s boldness demonstrates confidence in the new direction.”

Today it’s official – the Nets are moving to Brooklyn and launched their new website, merchandise, and new logo/color scheme – the latter of which helmed by none other than the part-owner: Jay-Z. I dig the black and white – the only team in the NBA with such a color scheme – and the overall simplicity about this. Lookin’ forward to seein’ how the uniforms will look later this fall (and not as much the team, hah!).

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