Georgia Parents Outraged Over Student Paper Swipe at Obama


Parents of students at Sprayberry High School were enraged by an April Fools joke at the expense of President Barack Obama, calling him amongst other things a Nazi and a Socialist.

The article, which was entitled “Top twenty reasons why Obama should not get re-elected,” was meant to be a joke, according to students. The article’s top-4 reasons Obama shouldn’t get re-elected went like this; 4. He’s a Nazi, 3. He’s a socialist, 2. He’s half white, 1. He’s black.

Sprayberry school administrators issued the following statement on their website: “The article was published in our April Fools section of the newspaper The Zinger and was meant to be a comedic take on the media’s comments on the president. …We realize that this did not come off as we intended, and we sincerely apologize.”

The article was posted all over Twitter and Facebook once it was published by school officials, which lead to several parents calling the school to complain. Parents wanted to know how a faculty advisor could allow students to use terms such as Nazi and Socialist in reference to the POTUS.

“Unfortunately this was a poor attempt at humor (that) didn’t come across very well,” school administrators insisted on the website. “The students have apologized for it. They sent out a video message to the rest of the school this morning and they posted a message on the school website as well.”

But even with apologies issued by both the administration and the students involved, some parents still feel more should be done.

“I don’t take that as an excuse,” parent Danisha Crummie told reporters from WSB-TV Atlanta. “I don’t think there is any excuse for what was done and I don’t think an administrator should have approved any such article to be printed in a school paper. I think it divides the students. It teaches them to dislike one another. It wasn’t appropriate at all.”

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