Can Tim Cook Continue Steve Jobs’ Stunning Success?


In the post Steve Jobs era, Apple has enjoyed continued success, increasing revenue behind its staple products. But after the company’s current wave of trend setting technology has run its course, will the brand continue to thrive? That responsibility belongs to new CEO Tim Cook, who was named Jobs’s successor less than two months before the co-founder’s death last August.

The legacy Jobs leaves behind is an accomplished one, having saved the company from bankruptcy before turning it into the world’s highest valued brand. Jobs was known as a demanding leader, ensuring that the company would be steps ahead of the competition according to his vision. As a result, Cook has the luxury of stepping into the role of chief executive with virtually no downside, as the iPhone and iPad continue to define the market for portable devices across the globe.

The new CEO has a different model for leadership. Cook’s role is not to bring Apple back from the brink as Jobs did, but to maintain its status as a technology juggernaut. That being the case, Cook’s management style is not as charismatic as that of Jobs, who was occasionally described as overbearing. In an interview with MacNewsWorld, research director Carl Howe of the Yankee Group said, “Tim Cook has a lot of the same kind of commitment as Steve Jobs but a different set of skills and a different style of leadership.”

Apple has established itself at the top of the industry, but without Jobs at the reigns, it remains to be seen if the company can continue to innovate with new products beyond the current IOS devices. The culture of the company may not have changed with Cook’s elevation, but two or more years down the line, the Apple we know may have a new attitude to match its new face. Shareholders and loyal consumers will have to wait and see if Cook can continue the path of progress laid out by Jobs.

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