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Achieve Healthy Glowing Skin With These Foods

Celebs catch a lot of slack for being photo shopped to look thinner in the thighs, to contour waistlines, or enhance décolletage, but too much photo shop can easily give way to detect what is meant to disguise. If a face, or any other area, is doctored too much, it comes across brassy and completely unbelievable. But when celebs like “Motivation” singer Kelly Rowland, who can be seen on La La’s Full Court, R&B singer Ciara and least we forget actress Nia Long are hitting the pavement (beyond technological enhancements) their skin is smooth like butter! It takes more than dermatological visits to ensure healthy skin, certain daily intake of foods must be accounted for to render such results.

Nothing reinforces confidence like being able to walk out with only sunscreen and lip balm sans a painted face and still remain cute. Besides even the best makeup artist need a great foundation to work with. Just because celebs are privy to better doctors doesn’t mean they have a moratorium on healthy, smooth skin. You can do your part by simply eating better, less processed foods. Certainly, having money like a former Destiny’s Child member wouldn’t hurt, but lowering your intake or edging certain foods out of your diet now, and replacing with better options can prevent costly dermatological measures later. And the best benefit? Gorgeous, smooth, and envy-worthy skin…well, besides being healthier.

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