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8 Things Your Man Should Do In The Name Of Love

Is he really into me? Does he love me? These questions often pop into your mind because he is not communicating his feelings to you. This is typical because not all men are great communicators which can be difficult to know if his feelings reflect our feelings. If you are wondering if its love or lust, these 8 things will prove he is in love with you.

Spend Time With You

A man should have a desire to spend time with his woman if he is in love or falling in love with her. If he always has an excuse why you and him can’t be together then this could be a good sign that he is not into you. But if he calls a lot, tries to surprise you with drop by visits, and/or plans his free time around you, then it can be a good sign that he really likes to be with you. In essence. when a man is head over heels he’ll find reasons to see the woman he adores. Even if it’s for a mere five minutes at the end of the day, he’ll make the time.

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