Polish Gynecologist Finds the G-Spot—Hiding in 83-Year-Old Corpse


After years of searching for the long coveted and mysterious G-spot, a 71-year-old gynecologist may have struck gold. During a postmortem exam of an 83-year-old woman in Poland, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski discovered a group of erectile tissue that resembled a bunch of grapes behind the 5th layer of the corpse’s vaginal wall.

The Polish gynecologist made the discovery last fall and his research has recently been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The article has brought the doctor much unwanted attention—he has just completed 57 media interviews since his studies became public. The interviews are far from done, however, as Dr. Ostrzenski is also set to appear on The View in the next few days. The doctor feels as if all the media interest is taking him away from his work, but his daughter, Dr. Kasia Ostrenska, said she is excited to see her father receiving all of the positive attention.

Of course, new discoveries in science never come without skeptics. Beverly Whipple, a sexologist at Rutgers University, helped write a book in 1982 that discussed this fascinating pleasure sensor on a woman’s body. She even helped coin the term “G-spot”. Although it is a bit ironic that a female sexologist would not be in favor of the new discovery, perhaps she has some validity behind her skepticism. She pointed out that Dr. Ostrzenski failed to address the complexity of the female orgasm and that he has yet to prove if these new tissues even have nerve endings. Even Dr. Ostrzenksi admitted that his research is not complete and needs further studies to validate his findings. He has already announced that he will be returning to Poland in May to further his investigation.

At his current practice, the Institute of Gynecology in St. Petersburg, Dr. Ostrzenski has developed seven new techniques for vaginal rejuvenation and performs several other cosmetic gynecological procedures. Even with all this experience in the field, the dissection took Dr. Ostrzenski seven hours just to come up with some rather inconclusive findings.

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