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“Basketball Wives” Jennifer Williams Slaps Back With a Lawsuit

Jennifer Williams has filed a criminal complaint of assault and battery against Evelyn Lozada’s personal assistant, Nia Crooks, for slapping her in the face in January, according to published reports. Williams has retained the New York law firm of Rubenstein & Rynecki, which has confirmed that the lawsuit was filed on April 19 in New York Supreme Court.

Ironically Williams seems to be the only person who was not aware that the reality TV show “Basketball Wives” involves frequent fights and petty acts of violence. During the verbal confrontation that occurred January 21 at a race track in Florida, Nia Crooks asked Jennifer Williams if she needed to be smacked in her face to wake up. Rather than declining Crook’s threatening offer, Jennifer nodded her head in agreement, and to make matters worse, replied with “I wish you would.” Perhaps the basketball wife forgot the cliché “be careful what you wish for” because apparently her wish was Crook’s command. Crooks instantly dashed around the table that separated the two as if she had been waiting all four seasons to deliver the slap heard ‘round the internet. Williams quickly slung around to retaliate, but the camera crew had already made their way between the two feuding women in an attempt to break them up.

Despite this being Williams’s fourth season on the show, she claims to be suffering from mental anguish and psychological trauma after receiving the open-handed slap from Crooks to her face. She decided to press charges, which could land Crooks behind bars for up to a year. Producers have revealed that they were already considering dropping Williams from the show after her role became uninteresting to many of the show’s loyal fans. Producers believe this was a failed attempt at using drama and publicity to guarantee her a spot on Season 5 of the “Basketball Wives,” but after seeing the livid response to her stunt she might want to consider a position being a “real housewife” rather than a “basketball wife.”


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