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NBA Bobcats Lose 20th Straight—And Make History

Last night the Charlotte Bobcats made history—but not the good kind. Going into last night’s game, the Bobcats needed to win just one game to avoid the worst single season winning percentage in NBA history. Unfortunately for Bobcats fans, the team came out and got smacked by the Sacramento Kings, 114-88, losing for the 20th time in as many nights.

The Bobcats have been awful in every possible aspect on a basketball court, and a seemingly inept front office has done little to improve the team. Rookie Kemba Walker has been a decent addition, but there is nothing else positive for majority owner Michael Jordan to take from this team.

While Jordan cemented his legacy on the court, his tenure as a general manager has been subpar, to say the least. He started by selecting arguably the worst #1 pick in league history in center Kwame Brown, and has seen the Bobcats get worse every year. If Jordan wants to turn this franchise around he should seriously consider starting from scratch and scrapping the whole roster. Perhaps he might start with himself?


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