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'Battleship' Featurette: Rihanna's Navy Certificate Makes Her An Official Bad-Ass (VIDEO)

Multi-platinum selling singer, Rihanna, can now check off “winning” for two of her newest endeavors. Not only has her big screen debut in Battleship been successful – (Box Office Mojo says the film has already raked in $129 million overseas in just under two weeks) – but the  “Talk That Talk” singer is also a certified Honorable Shipmate for the United States Navy.

Now Rihanna is no Navy Seal or anything,  but judging by the video clip below, she’s no wuss either. The Bajan pop-star looked like she learned a thing or two about grueling military drills and handling a gun.

“The training, the drilling, really just ripped me apart, and broke me down,” says Rihanna. “Really got me out of the mentality of being a celebrity.”

Battleship has been released overseas a month earlier than its U.S. release date of May 18th.  So, U.S.  fans stateside will have to wait a little longer to see how well Rihanna does in her first acting gig. The film also stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Tadanobu Asano, and Liam Neeson.

Watch a clip of Rihanna’s Navy training and certification below:


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