Rihanna Shuts Down Interview After Personal Questions Emerge

Rihanna is taking no prisoners when it comes to her personal life, especially her love life, when giving interviews. The “We Found Love” singer is making it clear not to ask about her personal life or she will shut the interview down as she did this morning on Australia’s number one morning show “Sunrise” with Natalie Barr.

In what is becoming a theme with the singer turned actress, the Barbados-born beauty is beyond annoyed with reporters not sticking to the script during interviews.

Fresh off a scathing response to a reporter who braved a question about an alleged fling with Ashton Kutcher a few weeks back, Barr is the latest reporter to be redirected to appropriate questions per Rihanna.

“How frustrating is it when you’re linked to another Hollywood star, even if you’ve barely met them?” Barr asked while interviewing about Rihanna’s latest film, “Battleship.”

To which the “The Birthday Cake” singer hurled: “Very frustrating. Almost as frustrating as being asked about it. I mean, what’s the point?”

Instead of Natalie taking the hint and leading the conversation elsewhere, the reporter tried explaining her nosiness: “Well, people are interested in you because you’re a big star.”

“They are! They’re interested in a lot of things that don’t matter or shouldn’t matter,” Rihanna quipped before exiting stage left.

Rihanna was done with that interview, making it plain that if it’s not about business, then she won’t be responding, well…at least not nicely. LOL!

Later that evening in Sydney before flying back to the States, the svelte beauty was spotted out to celebrate her assistant-friend’s, Melissa Forde, birthday in an ankle-length trench…and nothing else. Okay, she did wear orange stiletto sandals, but nothing else apparently.

Once again challenging her supposed insecurities about body image, the 23-year-old wore a taupe trench that naturally opened to flaunt what appeared to be a bare body.

Do you think Rihanna should better deal with reporters asking about her love life? Or should it be off-limits?

See Rihanna’s sexy trench coat pictures below!

Video: See Rihanna’s Interview below:

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