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Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington’s Nude Face This Spring: Get The Look

While dramatic makeup has its place, beautiful, breezy, warm spring days isn’t advantageous for the look. Take a different approach with a nude face. You get all the looks you’re going for—flawless and just-woke-up look with minimal, but effective makeup.

According to makeup artist Fiona Stiles of Harper’s BAZAAR, to achieve a nude face “a light hand, a few pointers, and right neutrals and blush shades” can perfect the made-to-look-perfect look. A few of our favorite celebrities get the nude face just right. Can we say Eva Longoria, Scandal star Kerry Washington, Beyonce and even Kim Kardashian when she’s ready.

Try these six tips to pull off the no-makeup look:

Moisturize: The best step to any great makeup routine is a moisturizer. Dead, dry skin (use a gentle scrub) is a dead give away for made up skin. Pick one with a sunscreen as you should with any face product—a quick way to gain protection without gazillion products.

Primer: A primer is critical to set whatever you put on your face and it’s wicked for shielding wrinkles, reducing shine, and lessening redness.

Liquid Foundation: Your choice of liquid foundation should look like skin once applied with a brush. Dab lightly on imperfections and slowly build to prevent a spotty look. You can use powder to ensure a finished, well-blended face, but go easy! Too much powder and your nude face in progress can go south.

Bronzer: What bronzer makes you look victim to catching rays? Take that bronzer along with a fiber brush and gently apply to emanate a glow within (If you won’t tell, we won’t either!).

Eyeliner: Going too nude can become boring. Make your face pop with exciting eyeliner inside your lash line. Want more playfulness? Find a complimentary neutral to brown eye shadow for lids, creases, and lashes.

Lipstick: Going with a nude lip color can set you up for failure. Try a natural color instead and a little shine works too.

Viola! You’re ready for a spring favorite. Who is your favorite nude face inspiration?


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