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Rihanna Hoped Chris Brown Remix Would Conjure Redemption, Not Shock

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s dual remixes for “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music” were not for shock value, but to show Rihanna has moved on and people need to follow suit, according to a friend.

The Twitterverse went berserk when the young ex-loves decided to release remixes to their respective songs following the three-year mark of Brown’s infamous assault on the “Man Down” beauty.

The au courant fashionista has received backlash and outcries for the perceived ill-message of collaborating with Chris Brown from fans and reportedly from mentor Jay-Z, but the feisty starlet has no regrets.

“She has recorded with Chris not to shock but to remind the world that he’s paid his dues and moved on, and that he’s a very talented singer. I think she feels strongly that one bad moment in his life should not define who he is forever,” according to the same source.

The back-to-back remixes even prompted a firestorm of hooking-up rumors. Though the salacious lyrics from the numbers could make for hard-to-deny details given their past relationship, but Rihanna nipped the rumor in the bud during a recent London interview, exclaiming how lonely she was and that she was indeed single.

The writer for “Birthday Cake”, The Dream, also disclosed that the idea was Rihanna’s from the jump and that the smart singer-performer was well aware of the possible back draw the collabo could bring forth.

“She’s pretty smart too. The same questions that went through my mind, and I’m an artist also, had to have gone through hers, “ The Dream said. “When she raised the question to me, I know she’s not crazy. So my thought was you’ve been thinking about this, you’ve already thought it out, so evidently you know what reaction you gonna get.”

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