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Pee-wee Herman Guest Stars On ‘Top Chef’

Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman has returned to the Alamo to guest judge on an episode of “Top Chef.”

Reuben, who played Pee-wee in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, came in on his signature red Schwinn bicycle. The same style of bike that was stolen in the classic movie, which sent Herman on a long journey, after a psychic told him its whereabouts was in the basement of the Alamo. Pee-wee arrived, only to find out: “There’s no basement at the Alamo.”

On “Top Chef” the contestants made Pee-wee pancakes.

Here were the different kinds:

Grayson: Ricotta-buttermilk pancake (in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head) with peach compote, blackberry and basil.

Sarah: Confetti pancakes with blackberry sauce, cacao nibs, banana and vanilla whipped cream.

Paul: Rolled pancake with berries, black pepper and champagne Dippin’ Dots-esque topping.

Lindsay: Ricotta pancake with whipped creme fraiche, marcona almond and anise cookies.

Ed: Pancake bits with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bacon and bruleed marshmallow.

Padma asked Pee-wee to pick the winner, which was Ed, who won $5,000 for his victory.

Judge Gail Simmons said Herman “was really one of my favorite guest judges ever. He just brought so much joy and nostalgia and fun to the set.”

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