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Eddie Murphy's Ex-Wife Conned Out Of 7 Million Dollars, Man Arrested

Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife was recently conned out of $7 million.

Nicole Murphy’s divorce settlement from Eddie was around $15 million, and the alleged con-man, Troy Stratos, took nearly half of it.

The police indicted Stratos on charges of money laundering, mail fraud and obstruction of justice.

According to sources, the con-man posed as Nicole’s financial manager. He convinced her that he had invested her money in an overseas market, and instead put the millions into his personal accounts.

Stratos also allegedly convinced the actor’s ex-wife to sell her home in Granite Bay, CA, then moved into the dwelling behind her back and lived there rent-free.

Court documents also claim that Stratos convinced Nicole to refinance two of her homes and then used the money to lease luxury cars and to pay his personal bills.

More details to come as this story develops…

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