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Kirsten Dunst's Ready To Find A Man To Have Kids With

Kirsten Dunst Ready To Find A Man To Have Kids With

Kirsten Dunst has entered her 30s and now she’s ready to have kids, but often wonders if she will find the right companion to have children with.

“I thought when I reached 30 I’d have a lot more figured out,” she tells Lucky magazine in a recent interview. “Until you have a kid, you’re just looking for your partner. And guys have a Peter Pan vibe. They’re 35, and they act like they’re 25. That’s what scares me about being in my 30s: not finding someone to have kids with.”

The actress mentions that she even sees images of raising a family north of New York City. “I can’t wait to relive life in a little kid’s way,” she says. “I’m so ready for that lifestyle: get a little place upstate and have them go to school up there.”

Currently, Dunst talks strategy in trying to attract the right guy. The “Melancholia” actress mentions her hairstyle as one of the tools to land a certain individual.

“I attract a different kind of boy when my hair’s red,” she says. “I get more quality men – like a more thoughtful, nerdy dude.”

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