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Sharon Stone Gets The Role To Play Linda Lovelace's Mother

Sharon Stone Plays Porn Star Mother LovelaceSharon Stone is set to join Linda Lovelace. Deadline reports Stone is looking forward to play the mother of Lovelace.  The script follows the life of Lovelace, a porn star made famous by indie film Deep Throat that was the all-time highest grossing indie film.

The story focuses on Lovelace’s relationship with husband Chuck Traynor, who steered her into the business. She  struggled with the business and the lifestyle that came with it. It eventually lead to her quitting the porn business and leaving Chuck Traynor. Peter Sarsgaard is in talks to play the husband.

Stone is currently shooting “Gods Behaving Badly”, then continues on to film “The Mule”, a story about a female reporter who goes heads-up with a massive violent human smuggling ring.




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