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Eric Bana Lands Role of Elvis Presley

Eric Bana to Play Elvis PresleyEric Bana is a 43 year-old film and television actor from Australia. Some of his film credits include: The Black Hawk Dawn, The Nugget, Hector and Lucky You. He also did voice acting for the popular 2003 film “Finding Nemo”.
Eric Bana has received critical acclaim for his acting, but his biggest role might be soon to come. Mr. Bana will be playing Elvis “The King” in a film called “Elvis and Nixon“.  This movie is about the trip that Mr. Pressley made to the White House in 1970. Danny Huston will be playing the role of Richard Nixon, who was the president at the time.

There has been no word yet as to when the film will be released and whether the filming has begun. However, fans are already speculating that this movie will be a box office hit. This film could very well help Mr. Bana win his first Academy Award.

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