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Why All The Basketball Wives Of LA Have Beef With Draya Michele

Update-Why do all the women of  Basketball Wives LA have beef with Draya Michele?? Imani who stirred up the most tension in the first three episodes is claiming, there’s no beef!!

According to Imani, “Me and Draya are fine. We have a great relationship”. Interesting. After receiving some major backlash for calling Draya worthless, Imani has decided to set the record straight with Vibe.

On calling Draya “worthless” on the Passion Party:

Honestly, right before we did the passion party there was some discussion amongst all of us⎯not Draya⎯but the rest of the girls about the situation. One of the other cast mates brought it to our attention and was like, “Oh my god, did you read this? I was crying when I saw this, she’s horrible, ” and so on. And this was on the heels of the whole Casey Anthony case as well, so just reading that and having that in my head⎯I mean we all sat downstairs and said whoever could do something like this is worthless. That’s just what you say, it’s not who she is obviously⎯and so with that fresh on my mind, when I got to the passion party and I looked at a box of adjectives that’s the one I pulled. I know a lot of people were outraged and said that I was judging Draya but what I say to that was that every word in that box was an adjective, a judgment call. If somebody calls you sneaky, funny or happy, those are all judgments. Some are better than others but those are all judgments and that was the position I was put in⎯to take a word and put it in her box, and that seemed fitting.

There were other issues that came into play where people were like, “Talk about it now, put it all out there,” and that was why I was like, “I’m not going to talk about it here.” At that point I didn’t know if it was something that Draya wanted to discuss on TV because it’s a sensitive subject. If I was upset about what I thought or had heard that she did to her kid, then why would I throw that same kid under the bus? So, I was like I’ll play the bad guy for this one and take the L because I’m not gonna do that to her or her kid. And after we talked about it, she said it was fine and she wanted to talk about it on the show. She even admitted that she got it and that if she had read that story about anybody she would have probably said the same thing.

Is there anything about that situation that you would do differently if you could?

I was presented with a police report detailing and outlining allegations that her son had made to the police officers, that’s how the report was set up. It wasn’t like it was a neighbor or someone reported her. It was her son reporting it to the police. Basically, he was saying that she always would leave him but it hasn’t ever been this long. He was worried about her it’s been three days and he couldn’t get in touch with her. There was a dog in the house, and apparently feces were all over the place. He had frozen dinners, he was just worried about his mom and couldn’t reach her. That just wouldn’t sit well with anybody, especially a woman or a parent.

I’m really a nice person [laughs]. I understand it has to be spicy for TV just to keep people’s interest but the whole situation with me and Draya, it was over before it began. I didn’t come to her in an attack mode. You guys saw five minutes of a two hour passion party and then three min of an hour and a half lunch we had so there was a lot of conversation that went into both of those episodes and I was very supportive in trying to be helpful to her and figure out what we can do to help manage this for her and make this go away and help her move forward and help her mingle with the other girls, but they just showed me hating on her and that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Me and Draya are fine. We have a great relationship.

Very interesting….On last night’s episode it was Laura Govan’s turn to take it up with Draya. It was as though she was capturing the spirit of all the other “wives” who hated Draya, save for Malayasia. The MMA match put together by none other than thumb-texting thug Gloria and was an obvious ploy to gang up – let’s just call it bullying – on Draya. Watch a clip below of the first ten minutes.

Will this story ever move beyond Draya?! Though I wouldn’t complain because Ms. Michele is definitely building a fan base – someone has to buy that sexy swimsuit line she’s launching!

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