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More Details Emerge About Solange Knowles' Incident With Miami Police

Before her big sister Beyonce announced her pregnancy news at Sunday night’s VMAs, Solange Knowles tweeted about an incident with a police officer in Miami. With very few details available, Solange stated the officer pulled a weapon – what was previously believed to be a gun – on her without reason. It is now believed that the weapon was a knife.

In a series of tweets, Solange accused Miami police of harassment and threaten to file a formal complaint. An excerpt of Solange’s tweets below:

“I have literally had my last leg with discriminating police! Miami police department will be notified,” she first tweeted. “A police officer just pulled a weapon on me…. I have done NOTHING illegal, against the law, or anything of the sort.”

She continued;

“I’m only tweeting this to raise awareness. I could have left quietly, but I am sick & tired of this scenario being played over & over again. I’m ok. I’m safe & sound at my apartment. I’m just beyond frustrated with the system. It is time to do something about it. I am a mother raising a young black child in America. I’m going to die trying!”

It was uncovered today that the altercation began at Club Cameo in Miami Beach where Solange reportedly tried to enter with a “giant banana”. An undercover police officer attempted to stop Solange when she became angry. The officer allegedly takes Solange across the street to diffuse the situation and then pulls the weapon – assumed to be a knife at this point – to deflate the banana…..?

It is unknown why Solange was carrying a “giant banana” into the club – if the club owner was indeed barring Solange from entering with her inflatable fruit – pulling out any sort of weapon seems a bit excessive.

Solange has yet to respond since the new details emerged. She did however congratulate her sister Beyonce on her baby news: “One. And. Only. I could not possibly be more proud. Tears in my eyes.”

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