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Thandie Newton Reveals Her Grown Up Approach To Marriage In Britain's InStyle

Actress Thandie Newton looks stunning in her editorial spread for Britain’s InStyle Magazine. In between her gorgeous shots Thandie gave a refreshingly candid interview about her marriage and the impact of experience in her younger years. Thandie recalled an affair she had at the age of 16 with a movie director who was 23 years her senior. Perhaps it can be credited to age and the many years since the incident but Thandie recalls the event with a pleasant amount of maturity and clarity on the lessons learned. She says of the affair,

“I have committed all that to pre-history. It was a profound learning curve. But also a fortunate one in many ways. Part of me feels grateful that I can now accept the difficulties that came with that situation and be a more compassionate person myself.”

“I didn’t make a mistake. Come on. Read between the lines. I wasn’t in the driving seat. I was a very shy, very sweet girl, not some barmy kid, suddenly let loose. I wasn’t in control of the situation.

“Would I have liked things to be different? Sure. But I can now value myself more for the way I got through it. I don’t see myself as a victim. I embrace the fact that I have survived that experience and it required me to have a significant breadth of understanding.”

With that affair long gone, Thandie has since married director Ol Parker with whom she has two daughters, Ripley, 10, and six-year-old Nico. Thandie shares what makes her marriage work wit Ol,

“Ol has a very dry sense of humor. We are very different characters but very good friends. We’ve both had a degree of pain in our lives, which I think is the best teacher there is. We don’t expect to be happy every day.”

Thandie highlights the impact of her decision to decline the “Charlie Angels” movie,

“Do I regret not taking a part that would have made me really rich and famous and moved my career up a few levels’ Come on! That was a massive thing for me and, yes, I do sometimes think about how my life might have been very different.

“But finding a happy and solid relationship is always difficult, so the decision was all about making my husband feel more secure and committing to my family. My career was exploding and I wasn’t ready for it. It was about wanting to put the brakes on, acknowledging that I had other priorities.”

Thandie Newton’s editorial spread and wisdom scores a Critic’s Rating of 10! Also check out the video below of Thandie’s cover shoot. What’s your critic’s rating?

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