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Tameka Raymond Reveals Why She Sought Surgery In Brazil

Tameka Raymond, ex-wife to Usher Raymond revealed to Sister 2 Sister why she sought out plastic surgery in Brazil back in 2009 that sent her into cardiac arrest. Tameka covers the magazine’s April issue looking sultry and gorgeous, but not before she suffered a near death experience two years ago.

She says,

“I had a Brazilian nanny. It was her son’s birthday. She was very sad she couldn’t go and see him for his birthday. The tickets are very expensive to go. I had a little slight attitude, and I was like, ‘You want to go to Brazil? We’re gonna go.’ It was one of those Waiting To Exhale moments. You know how women do that? And when I got there, I started seeing all those pretty people walking around. And I was like ‘Dang!’ And my nanny was formerly a nurse there and she said, ‘Oh yeah, its popular here and inexpensive.”

“She was even telling me how people would get it and they would snap back so fast. And I just had a little pooch. I’ve always been a person who has been into my body and staying fit. And I had a baby, like, three months earlier. And I’m not going to lie, I was mad at my husband at the time so I thought, ‘Let’s take a trip.’”

“So I took my sister. I took my nanny. And I took my assistant. And everybody was shocked, like, ‘Vacation?’ I was like ‘Yep. I’m going to Brazil.’ And I had never been before and it was beautiful. The weather was hot, So me, I was just trying to be spontaneous. I sent the children to him with another nanny and assistant. I was like, ‘You deal with them.’ You know? ‘You want to be M.I.A. for the most part? You deal with them.’ And when I got there I made a really dumb decision. It was dumb, because it wasn’t nothing a few crunches and another month wouldn’t have gotten off. I never had the surgery. I ended up going into cardiac arrest while I was getting anesthesia.”

It is refreshing yet shocking that Tameka Raymond is so candid about her reasons for placing her and her family in danger, lucky for her she lived to tell the tale. And yes we concur, it was a “dumb” decision.

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