Friday, March 23, 2018

Risa Dixon


This Year’s Pulitzer List Confirms What We Already Knew: Nobody Tells Our Stories Better...

Black authors are on full display on this year’s list of Pulitzer prize winners as the understanding that the only people who can write about various aspects of the Black experience are Black people continues...

Self-Care for Black People 101: Options Outside of Church and Therapy

Living while Black. This is a term that is used to describe the reason why vast numbers of Black people face injustices and prejudices at an alarming rate. The tragic results of these continual...

Could Black-Owned Businesses Benefit More from Black Celebrity Endorsements?

The notion that the Black community must become economically self-sufficient has been at the center of Black liberation for decades. From the Montgomery bus boycotts to Blackout Friday, Black people have realized that there...

How Hip-Hop/R&B Can Help Educators, Parents Explain These Troubled Times to Children

Solange Knowles. Her name has become synonymous with strength, Black power, nation-building and Black Lives Matter. Now, her name also will make you think about education. The recent news that her highly acclaimed album,...


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