Monday, October 23, 2017
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Yoga: It’s Not Just for Rich, White Celebrities Anymore, Thanks to One NYC-Based Yogi

Although yoga’s roots run deep in the cultural foundation of India, it has been commodified in the West and stripped of its spiritual element. Yoga studios are planted in affluent zip codes and marketed...

Dressmaker Elevates Beautiful, Bold African Prints with Thriving Online Business

With a creative eye for traditional textiles and unexpected color-matching choices, Malacia Anderson boldly goes where few designers dare.  She skips the trendy nude palettes for bright, colorful fabrics that command attention — and people...

Black Woman Creates Comics Universe Where all the Superheroes are Women of Color

Jazmin Truesdale’s pitch rings with an upbeat optimism. Like many Black women with backgrounds in the corporate sector, her assertive personality reflects experiences that have required her to be more competent than those around...

Entrepreneur Won’t Leave Activism Behind; Achieves Great Success Combining Tea Company with Social Justice

Adulting can be rough, but it does not always have to be. With full-leaf blends, infused sweeteners and hip branding, Ivy’s Tea Company encourages tea drinkers to embrace the lit side of being a...


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