Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Moore

Cory Goldstein responds to viral dreadlocks video and cultural appropriation

White SF State Student With Dreadlocks Posts Provocative Response To Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

A confrontation between two SF State students, a black woman and a white man, was caught on video in the Cesar Chavez Student Center went viral Monday. The argument centered around whether a white...
Laurel County African American Heritage Center falls victim to hate crime pb

The Terrible Thing Done at African-American Heritage Center in Kentucky Sparks Hate Crime Investigation

  Disgusting, senseless, and scary. All words used to describe vandalism done to the Laurel County African American Heritage Center in London. The owners say, to them, the act is a serious wake up call.
Sheriff David Clarke on Netflix, Twitter Exec Donations to BLM Candidate pb

Watch Why Fox News Contributor, Sheriff David Clarke, Accuses Netflix and Twitter of Trying...

Watch the latest video at Start at the 4:30 mark
Unbelievable Break Down of America’s War on Black Youth pb

WATCH Unbelievable Break Down of America’s War on Black Youth with an Incarceration Rate...

Former first lady Nancy Reagan’s legacy will always be tied to her husband, President Ronald Reagan, and his war on drugs. Atlanta Black Star dissected her 1982 "Just Say No" campaign and how it disproportionately...
Black Trump Supporters

Head Scratching Will Ensue After Watching Panel of Black Trump Supporters Explain Themselves

The Nightly Show with Larry WilmoreGet More: The Nightly Show Full Episodes,The Nightly Show on Facebook,The Nightly Show Video Archive
Kushite nobleman Karakhamun

Dr. Anthony Browder Reveals ‘The Most Significant Discovery in Egypt You’ve Never Heard Of’

Dr. Anthony Browder’s Asa Restoration Project helps unearth the tomb of an ancient Egyptian nobleman that is five times larger than King Tut's. He partnered with an Egyptologist to excavate the tombs of Karakhamun and...


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