Atlanta Entrepreneur Inks Major Deal with International Production Firm In Hopes of Creating Content for African-Americans

Coco Springer
With a new partnership deal under her belt, CoCo Springer has plans to further grow her business. (Image courtesy of CorShanda Springer)

Atlanta entrepreneur CorShonda “CoCo” Springer is on to bigger and better things with the recent announcement of her new equity partnership deal with international production and distribution company D Street Media Group.

Springer, the founder and CEO of CoCo Studios, will acquire a 20 percent stake in the New York-based company and will have a hand in all D Street Media activities as a producer, an executive producer and company executive, according to a press release. D Street is set to debut its new television division in Atlanta this fall, where Springer and her self-made film/ video production house will be instrumental in creating fresh, new content for the U.S. and international markets.

The transition from simply providing studio space to people looking to hold commercial and video shoots, to getting her foot in the door of television, film and theatrical distribution is something Springer said she has long looked forward to.

“It’s a major accomplishment for me personally because my getting the studio space was additionally just a stepping stone to do exactly what we’ve just announced,” she told ABS in an interview. “…I was always reaching and striving to actually meet a for real player in film player in television, so this new partnership really is allowing me to spread my wings in that way. It’s a great opportunity.”

Dexter Davis, CEO of D Street Media, thinks so too. Davis said he couldn’t have asked for a better business partner to help take his distribution company “to the next level.” The team already has a variety of exciting projects in the works, including a television pilot developed by Springer called “Greenwood Avenue,” a historical account of what was called “Black Wall Street” in 1920’s Tulsa, Okla.

Springer said she’s equally excited about a project called “The Blue Mauritius,” a $20 million heist film starring actor Anthony Mackie and a host of other notable stars.

” … For me, being a Black woman to have solidified that large of a budget for a project — that’s major,” she said, noting that she’ll also serve as an executive producer for a 1960’s period piece called “A Dangerous Road.”

With a new partnership under her belt, Springer said she has plans to further grow her business. The local entrepreneur said she hopes to outgrow her current space and eventually expand to a larger lot. CoCo Studios is currently equipped to handle music videos, commercials, photography and independent films under the $1 million price point. One of her other main goals is to produce and distribute TV content for Black Americans while focusing on distribution and sales agency for her company.

“This means we’ve got more than one African-American [actor] on screen,” Springer said. “We’re telling a variety of stories, not just our stereotypical stories … I think it would be major for an African-American to be behind” such a project.

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