6 Black-Owned Creameries Whose Tasty Treats Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Image courtesy of Hank’s

Hank’s Ice Cream Parlor in Houston, Texas
Since September 1985, owner Hank Wiggins and his wife, Okemah, have been churning out over 100 premium ice cream flavors the old-fashioned way — by hand. Some of the parlor’s most popular flavors include Butter Pecan, Coconut Bar, Cookies and Cream and Blueberry Cheesecake, among others.

“Our mission is to create innovative premium-flavored ice cream and serve the public, the community and area businesses,” the shop’s website states. “We take pride in the quality and care of our ice cream. We offer a pleasant atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy.”

Image courtesy of MikeyLikesItIceCream.com

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream In New York, N.Y.
New York’s Mikey Likes It Ice Cream is the world’s first pop culture-inspired premium ice cream brand, according to its website. The company creates homemade artisan, organic and all-natural ice cream in small batches in an effort to preserve its freshness.

Some of its unique flavors include “Foxy Brown,” a mocha-flavored ice cream with crushed chocolate wafers; “Nutty Professor,” a smooth peanut butter ice cream topped with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and Nutter Butter cookie pieces; and “Ice Ice Baby,” a triple vanilla blended ice cream.

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