‘All Eyez On Me’ Producer Alleges John Singleton Wanted Tupac Biopic to be Littered with Crazy Sex Scenes


Startling claims are being made by “All Eyez On Me” producer LT Hutton about the way John Singleton wanted the Tupac Shakur biopic to play out.

Singleton was originally on tap to direct the film and Hutton says they “parted ways over creative differences.” The “Poetic Justice” director was replaced by Benny Boom as Hutton alleged Singleton behaved selfishly about the movie.

“To make it about you, that was the problem,” Hutton says on “The Breakfast Club” Wednesday, June 14. “This is not about you. It’s not my story. It’s Tupac’s story. It’s not about Benny Boom. It wasn’t about him. It is about Tupac.”

Hutton claims Singleton wanted the movie filled with sex scenes, including an opening where Shakur gets raped in jail and a scene where Pac tells a group of white women to “Go home and tell your dad you got f—– by a n—- today” after a white woman wouldn’t engage in anal sex.

“What movie is that?” says Hutton, who later claims Singleton’s script also called for the rappers’ mother, Afeni Shakur Davis, to have a threesome. “First of all, it’s freaky, it’s nasty it’s a porno. … You would already convict Pac [of rape] if he tried to do that. And it’s not true! Where did that come from?”

Hutton went on to slam Singleton for blasting the movie after leaving the project, which included a lengthy 2015 Instagram post where Singleton claimed, “The people involved aren’t really respectful of the legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur.”

“If you really, really loved and respected Pac, you could’ve made the movie 18 years ago,” Hutton says.

In May, Boom, who was largely silent during the Singleton segment of “The Breakfast Club” interview, addressed the “Boyz In The Hood” director’s statements.

“The community we have of directors of color is very small,” he told GQ. “I’m not saying you’re supposed to go out and cheerlead for everybody. But there needs to be support. And support sometimes just means not saying anything. I would never take shots at my brother … because I know how detrimental it is, especially to someone who laid the groundwork and opened up doors. I respect John for that.”

“All Eyez On Me” opens in theaters Friday, June 16.

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