T.I. Says Black Celebs Who Meet Trump Refuse to Address His Disrespect



T.I. made his feelings about Black celebrities meeting with President Donald Trump known when he blasted them for becoming part of his “hidden agenda,” but he’s singing a slightly different tune these days.

During a Thursday, April 6 appearance on morning television talk show The View, T.I. discussed the Trump-Snoop Dogg beef that resulted in the president saying Snoop had a failing career.

“You are not going to come and challenge or try to belittle or demean us or our advances,” T.I. told the show’s panel before he went on to defend the music video that depicting Snoop blasting a toy gun at a clown version of the commander-in-chief. “Whatever Snoop said, he had the right to say and he’s protected by the Constitution in saying it. We have to protect our legends, we have to protect our heroes and the people who mean something to us in our community.”

When co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out that former Director of African-American Outreach Omarosa Manigault was in charge of bridging the gap between the Black community and the Trump administration, T.I. dismissed her role.

“She can’t even bridge the gap in her teeth,” the MC quipped.

T.I. explained why he took issue with celebrities like Steve Harvey and Jim Brown meeting with Trump, saying the real problem is the racist rhetoric Trump has spewed didn’t seem to be addressed by the celebrities in their meetings with the president.

“Before we can get anywhere with this president, we have to address all of the disrespect and degrading that was done in the campaign,” T.I. said. “That was my issue when people were going in there to meet with him. Not that they shouldn’t be meeting with him, but before you stand and smile and say this is a good man and take pictures, what about addressing the disrespect and the disregard for our community? And what about him being the poster child for white supremacy and standing for the people who look to devalue our lives? Before you address that, there is no other conversation.”

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