This Missouri Police Chief Completely Steals The Show at CNN’s Town Hall With a Blistering Reminder of KKK’s Role in Law Enforcement


A Black police chief reveals startling connections between the Ku Klux Klan and law enforcement in Wednesday’s CNN Town Hall “Black, White, and Blue: America 2016” on race and police brutality.

Kinloch, Missouri police chief Col. K.L. Williams does not shy away from accusations claiming that the KKK has been infiltrating police departments around the country.

“When you graduate from that police academy, I guarantee, that you will be indoctrinated in a philosophy that if you don’t tow the line you are going to have some problems,” says Williams. “If you think that racism and white supremacy is not involved in police departments, you better check yourself.”

The Missouri top cop adds, “The KKK has been involved in law enforcement from when it started.”

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