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Saturday, November 29th, 2014

National Bar Association to Take Closer Look at Reports of Police Brutality Across US


The National Bar Association has had enough of reports of racially charged police brutality and recently announced its plans to file open records requests in several U.S. cities in order to take a closer look at instances of alleged police misconduct.

Pamela Meanes, the president of the group of predominantly Black lawyers and judges, said police brutality is the new civil rights issue of this era and something has to be done to put an end to it.

“If we don’t see this issue, then we are not carrying out our mission, which is to protect the civil and political entities of all,” Meanes said, according to the Indianapolis Recorder.

The group released a press release about its filing in order to explain what its plan of action is and what its intentions are.

The press release stated that the open records request will seek to obtain information about how many people have been killed by police, how many have been racially profiled, how many were wrongfully arrested, how many were injured during the arrest or while in police custody and general data about the crime scenes and the charges against the suspects.

The request will also ask for any “video and photographic evidence related to any alleged and/or proven misconduct by current or former employees.”

Of course, this type of investigation would be impossible to complete without focusing on specific areas.

The NBA selected 25 cities to focus on.

According to the Indianapolis Recorder, the NBA selected the cities based on the size of their Black population and how many instances of alleged police brutality had been reported.

In the past few months alone, social media has helped shed light on several alleged cases of police brutality that could have flown under the radar otherwise.

eric-garner-police-brutality-ramsey-ortaCellphone footage of Eric Garner, the New York father who had a past of selling loose cigarettes, being placed in an illegal chokehold by New York City police hit the Web in July.

Garner died during the arrest.

Attention was called to a father in an Ohio Wal-Mart who was shot by police in August after someone in the store called authorities to report that the man had a gun.

John Crawford III, who was 22 years old, was carrying a toy gun that he picked up while in the store.

Then there was the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, which sent social media and the entire country ablaze with chants of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

Brown was the 18-year-old high school graduate from Ferguson, Missouri, who was fatally shot multiple times by police officer Darren Wilson, despite claims that Brown had his hands up in surrender at the time of the shooting.

The NBA hopes its requests will lead to justice for at least some the many Black families who suffered from similar losses of their loved ones.



  1. Any on awake over the past 30 years understand the killing and disenfranchisement of Black Men in particular and People of Color in general is Acceptable. We know it will happen again, again and again. But our collective response has not stemmed the murder and disenfranchisement of Black Men, Women and Children. 1) Strike one crossing the path of law enforcement while being black or a citizen group currently being profiled by the Power elite; 2) Strike two for being male or a defender of Basic Human Rights 3) strike three for being low or moderate income citizen. Many of us have three strikes before the first pich


    This is a legal battle to be waged in the court room with group funding from citizens concerned with social justice. Street justice and protest will not win the battle for the hearts and minds of white America. Corporate media, despotic local law enforcement control the public message. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has few legal resources to sustain the day-to-day battles across the globe and the institutionalized racism in America. We need Legal Clinics strategically located near law schools and bar association concerned with "Justice". Moreover, group funding is required for the cost of litigation. Pastors Price, Dollar, Jakes and other Houses of Worship must fund Legal outreach it is a sin against all the is right, good and just not to reach out and assist those in need legal solutions.
    Far too often we only here about Travon Martin, John Crawford, Michale Brown, the Arizona State Female Professor, with great fan fair we all comment and vent our collective frustrations. BUT Reality is every day of the week countless Black American rights are violated by the American Legal System. No one complains or standup for their rights of the silent victims. Without the funds required to seek justice and lawyers like everyone have bills to pay so we cannot expect lawyer to do what we ourselves are unwilling to do "Work For Free".

    My question to what is our common purpose? Forget about Walmart or GoFundMe doing the right thing for the Black People. Picking a fight with Walmart and/or GoFundMe dissipate our limited financial resources for marginal issues. Walmart and GoFundMe are symptoms of injustice they are not the root cause. Use our funds to seek justice for someone abused by the American System of Justice.

    WE need to develop crowd funding for Grass root Legal intervention then publicize your success stories. 1) Zero tolerance for "Abuse of Power" 2) ID 50 low profile "cash starved" legal cases / issues involving abuse of power against low and moderate income people ( civil or criminal issues). 3) It is TIME to "put up cash" and” prove up" in court violation of our basic human rights. 4) Use the legal system of justice as a mean to "Justice for All".

    Look at the: JCRC Legal Defense Fund, American Civil Liberties Union,Anti-Defamation League, The Poverty Law Center and others.

    We must Stop Reacting to the Murder of Black People start a direct fight for JUSTICE!!!!

    Concerned Citizen Seeking Justice for ALL!!!

    SD Carter

  2. Collette Flanagan says:

    Fantastic news!

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