Friday, July 29th, 2016

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5 Ways African-American are more like Republicans than Democrats

In response to the country’s rapidly changing racial demographics, Republicans have talked a lot about their intentions to start recruiting more people of color to their cause. Currently only 7 percent of African-Americans identify as Republican, but this was not always so.

In the 1800s the Republican Party counted such illustrious Black scholars as Booker T. Washington as members and they were known to be aligned with abolitionists. However, this all changed dramatically during Herbert Hoover’s presidency and after, as the Republican Party instated more and more racist polices in an attempt to attract Southern voters.

Today, the ideology of the African-American community is seen as light years away from that of conservatives, but though there are some major differences, there are also some surprising similarities.


Criticism of the ‘Welfare State’

Like Republicans, many African-Americans are often suspicious, if not outright contemptuous of government-funded social services. Black conservatives and Black nationalists in particular, feel that the welfare state is detrimental to the Black community. Both of these groups believe that African-Americans should reject government aid and instead focus on community empowerment, although they differ on exactly what this would look like.

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  1. Damond Brown says:

    What a shallow & slanted claptrap Whoever wrote this completely ignored or doesn't have a clue what the GOP has campaigned on the past several years.

  2. I am an independent. Though I agree that there are many similarities between blacks and Republicans, the wording in this article doesn't seem to be coming from a committed writer. There are so many more convincing arguments to be made. The writer could have mention the dems voting record on civil rights, kkk, fugitive slave law, Jim Crow laws, segragation and other things.

  3. Danielle Spears says:

    The parties switched. The people who supported such laws are now Republicans. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Today he wouldn't be.

  4. If the parties have switched, what have the dems done for black people in the past 40 yrs?

  5. in fighting between Rice n Powell. Michael Steel n GOP, Herman Cain n GOP. Clarence Thomas vs Anita Hill & the entire Black Race as road kill just 4 starters. Congressman West proved 1 hell of a mess!

  6. Sundiata Keita says:

    pretty accurate article except for immigration. the mexican president himself sent a codeword to whites here in america when he said mexicans will do work that black people wont. that meant to let the mexicans in, so we can supplant the blacks.
    unlike the other commenters i see where the author was coming from. these niggas too busy praising white jesus to catch on to what the author was saying.

  7. Sundiata Keita says:

    Danielle Spears thats a white person youre talking too. when you see someone online talking about "why do black people vote democrat" and give you the KKK military wing talking points and fox news talking points, thats a white person trolling.
    they all use the exact same talking points from stormfront and niggermania. if you look at the photo, its a photo of that racist ass cartoon. so basically they making a joke to themselves that they are getting one over on you, right to your face

  8. I'm not white. I'm not even in to politics. I pay attention to policies. Not even defending the republican party. Still waiting on the answer to my question though. Either one of you can answer. The point to be made is that we as a people are playing the political game wrong. We are the only people that predominantly vote one way with no real reason. Therefore the party who is going to get our vote doesn't have to promise us nothing and the other party knows they don't have a chance so they don't bother. In the end, we are the biggst losers. Obama has fought more for illegal immigrants than he has us because the Hispanic voters are still in play. The republicans have done likewise. The homosexual community also. Wallstreet is the only place where people are making more money since 2008 do to quantitative easing.I couldn't care less about politics. Look at policies and show me where I'm wrong. Facts not emotions.

  9. Cee Ekkols says:

    Shadderick, to answer your question about "What has the Dem party done over the past 40 years?" Most of the past 40 years has seen the ascendency of conservative policies with Democratic policies essentially playing defense in trying to hold ground gained legislatively in the 60s. Democrats have tried to do things like expanded college funding and job training programs, expanded home ownership subsidy programs and occassionally succeeded but over the past 20 to 30 years constantly run up against the idea of conservative Republicans (that ascended to power after the 60s in the South mostly because of the fear of more rights/resources for blacks) that such spending is wrong on principal. Case and point: Pres Obama in the first term eliminated the unnecessary level of cost in federal secured loans to students by taking private banks out of the picture….this reduced costs to student borrowers and freed up more money for loans, both great benefits. Mitt Romney actually had as part of his platform to undo this change, obviously b/c his banking finance buddies didnt like the fact that they are now cut out of that student loan action. Democrats basically are just not quite as sold out to the large, corporate, short term profit interests that Republicans are completely sold out to. For black people that are much more often than whites on the lower end of the totem

  10. Cee Ekkols says:

    This summary of general black opinion is accurate in my experience, but we should not get it twisted: actually voting for conservatives given their absolute dedication to eroding the social safety net (the parts we like such as Social Security and Medicare in addition to the "welfare" programs some folk have problems with), extreme support for expanded "law and order" laws like stand your ground and expanded prisons, increased prejudice against gays and muslims and increased funding to our over extended military are all not in our long term interests, imo.

  11. Cee, the point I'm trying to make is we should need these programs. Which party is fighting for us to have economic independence? Neither. The want us to be beholden to them. If we kept our own money to circulate in our ownccommunity a few times before it left, we wouldn't be in this current condition. Look at the whole Black Wallstreet issue and Harlem before the drug epidemic. That's what they don't want us to have. The Negro in this country can be the wolds 5th largest economy in the world yet we fight for crumbs from the master's table.

  12. Republicans support military expansion not but not much VA benefits for inactive troops. Some are fighting to get their benefits harder than they fought in the Middle east. We just need to be mindful of both parties to use them as tools instead of hard core ideologies that we tend to get drawn into.

  13. CM Hinnant says:

    I feel sad for my people… we are so uneducated and unenlightened. 83% believe in a made up white guy and the rest of us don't get affirmative action. Yep, it doesn't work give me reparations any day. Forget the system and create another reality.

  14. Chicho Blanco says:

    Shadderick Henderson, what groups are you involved with that are pushing for social change? What committee are you on with your local county party? What are you doing besides crying like a bitch on the internet?

  15. Chicho Blanco says:

    Shadderick Henderson, what groups are you involved with that are pushing for social change? What committee are you on with your local county party? What are you doing besides crying like a bitch on the internet?

  16. Ryan Arko says:

    Hey, I have a question. Is there juice at your pity party? What a fucking persecution complex you have: "Boo hoo! White people are the reason everything in my life sucks." Even if it were true, what have you done about it? I bet white people are the reason you sit your ass down and let your own people suffer under "white oppression."

    It's gotta be great to have excuses.

    Sad thing is, Sundiata Keita would have a worse treatment in Africa at the hands of black people. But then again, you believe Mexico is sending racist code words to the white power holders.

    You ever been a waiter? You know that $2.13 an hour you get with the oft-broken promise of massive tips?

    Yeah, that was Herman Cain. You remember him, and likely, wanted to vote for him this past election.

    Cut out your crybaby bullshit persecution drama. It's stale. If you have an issue with the white man, invent the new Facebook. Flip houses. Stop being a lazy crybaby who blames others for all his problems.

  17. Timothy Reeves says:

    This is a poorly written article: although i agree that some blacks lean more towards Republicans rather than Democrats. And yes! there is 2.4 million Black people who are retired military,but that's only because a vast majority of them went to Vietnam; they had no choice in the matter.

  18. Timothy Reeves says:

    This is a poorly written article: although i agree that some blacks lean more towards Republicans rather than Democrats. And yes! there is 2.4 million Black people who are retired military,but that's only because a vast majority of them went to Vietnam; they had no choice in the matter.

  19. Timothy Reeves says:

    Many years ago, I think it was in the ‘50s, it was pointed out that the United States has a one party system- the Business Party- which has two factions called Democrats and Republicans. That was not much of an exaggeration. A business has an overwhelming influence on both political parties. Now, that’s not true anymore. The United States is still a one party system, the Business Party, but there is only one faction. The faction is moderate Republicans, who are now called Democrats. The current Democrats are not very different from what used to be called moderate Republicans; the Party has shifted to the right- not one hundred percent, but substantially. So, what we now have, I think, should be described as a one party system with one faction, moderate Republicans, and a few fringes. Are the American people tired of it? You bet. Just take a look at polls. Approval of Congress has been in single digits for some time now, and other branches of the government are not regarded very highly either, including the judicial. The population is very much upset about it, and justly, because the functioning of democracy was always-it was never perfect, of course- but it has been sharply reduced, and it’s a serious problem.

  20. Sundiata Keita says:

    Ryan Arko you think black people give a fuck about you or your blog?? ok

  21. Gustave Bizimana says:

    Danielle Spears Liberals have a liberal view of the Constitution. So Lincoln would still be a Republican. There was never a switch in political parties. I would challenge you to tell me when the parties changed.

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