‘Ancient Aliens’ Season 6, Episode 14: ‘The Star Children’


Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens season 6, episode 14: “The Star Children” airs tonight on the History Channel.

On this week’s episode, on every continent, there are stories of children who “stand out” for their strange abilities and advanced knowledge. They are said to have knowledge of things they shouldn’t or couldn’t know. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and many other cultures have legends about exceptional children who are the offspring of humans and the gods. Could the stories be more than mere myth? Is it possible there are children being born on Earth today who can access their alien DNA–a connection that endows them with special gifts and the power to transform society?

“Ancient Aliens” is based on the 1968 bestselling book “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich von Daniken, a book based on the theory of “ancient aliens” that rocked people’s beliefs in mankind’s progress. Ancient cave drawings of strange creatures, remains of landing strips in Peru, and Indian texts that describe the “flying machines of the gods” were just a few of the odd archaeological artefacts cited by von Daniken as proof that ancient astronauts were well known to our ancestors.

Produced with the exclusive cooperation of von Daniken himself, “Ancient Aliens” launches all-new expeditions to seek out and evaluate this evidence, with a concentration on the latest discoveries of the last 30 years, including unusual DNA findings on man’s evolution and newly decoded artifacts from Egypt to Syria to South America. It is a balanced investigation into a theory some believe cannot be true, but many agree cannot be ignored.

“Ancient Aliens” season 6, episode 14: “The Star Children” airs Feb 7, at 10 pm EST on the History Channel.

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