High School Player Breaks Backboard on Alley-Oop Dunk


Nubian Spann of Panther Creek High School, Cary, N. C., created quite the highlight after he took an alley-oop pass from Juan Munoz on Friday and shattered the backboard in a shower of glass.

The dunk, which was Spann’s first in high school, forced the game to be postponed to an undetermined date because there was no backup backboard. Panther Creek was winning the game 20-14 with 6:54 remaining in the second quarter, and when the game is restarted at a later date it will picked up from that point.

“The kids in the locker room were saying, ‘Hey, coach, do you think that will make the SportsCenter Top 10?’” Catamounts coach L.J. Hepp said. “That’s one of those things that might, I don’t know.”

The young man suffered a minor cut on the left side of his neck, but said he couldn’t feel it.

“I don’t feel anything right now,” Spann said with a smile. “When I came down, I heard a crack, and I thought the rim just popped. When it came down, it hit my neck and head and it shattered. Then, I looked at my teammates, and it was crazy. It felt good.”

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