Saturday, July 30th, 2016

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New Private Investigator Believes Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick is Alive

teleka patrick 2Jim Carlin, a private investigator hired by Dr. Taleka Patrick’s family after they fired the first investigator, said he has been told by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office that they believe “some sort of emotional distress” caused Patrick to leave town on the night of Dec. 5.

Patrick wrote about being tortured by a “demonic power” shortly before she deleted her Twitter posts and disappeared on Dec. 5, according to Twitter posts obtained by the Kalamazoo Gazette.

“I can’t take much more of this,” Patrick appeared to write in a Dec. 4 Twitter post to an unnamed love interest. “There are normal ways to contact people you know … You reach me through a demonic power. That gives demons power over me and dilutes my spiritual authority.

“Because you are using a demon to contact me, when I turn my heart towards you, it passes through a demonic power. When I say I love you, I am also saying I love you to a demon because that is how you made me fall for you,” she posted as @PatientMunchkin.

Carlin said he is aware of Twitter posts linked to Patrick, but has not reviewed all of them.

The sheriff’s office on Tuesday refused comment on the case, but said they would release the findings of their investigation into Patrick’s disappearance later this month.

Carlin said he believes the missing Kalamazoo doctor is alive.

“Absolutely,” Carlin said Tuesday when asked if he thought Patrick was still alive, more than a month after she was last seen in downtown Kalamazoo.

“Call it cop intuition … But I do believe she is alive.”

Carlin, who also has investigated the 2004 disappearance of Mary Lands of Marshall, Mich., inherited a case that, up to this point, has been filled with mystery and more questions than answers.

Despite that, Carlin said he is “positive” that Patrick will be found.

His first five days on the case have been active, including tracking down information on a tip on Monday of a possible sighting of Patrick outside a 7-Eleven convenience store in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Carlin said he and police were able to later confirm that the woman sighted in Colorado was not Patrick.

Meanwhile, Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Pali Matyas said Tuesday that his agency plans to “in the next week and a half or two … to put out something more definitive as to what our investigation has disclosed.”

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  1. I can't call it.

  2. Ollie Haile-Michael says:

    Shes probably strung out somewhere on drugs. I can't think of anything other than her demonic reference to tie it to. I can't wait til they find her.

  3. Sharee FacesoMuch Ferguson says:

    Just find her, please? We will all be ok, with how we feel, once that is done.

  4. Deborah Pitmon-Lane says:

    Just because she's a black woman does not mean she is somewhere strung out. This young lady has schizoid tendencies and is most likely in an schizoid episode and simply cannot get to where she needs to be. Don't judge, God can take your mind away from you in a snap…

  5. Ollie Haile-Michael says:

    Oh no that wasn't my intention at all. Just thinking out loud. There was no mention of her mental state but thanks for the clarification. I too am a black woman also so..

  6. I have dealt with her kind. She is hold up somewhere getting off on the media attention. She will be smoked out either when her money runs out or when they declare her deceased.

  7. Tomeka McKague says:

    She and her family need our prayers. Shw has had a break and the devil seen it coming and has taken full advantage of it. I plead the blood of Jesus over her and her safety.

  8. TerryLynn Scott-Binns says:

    Why don't they use Marvin Sapp to contact her ?? I'm the objective is to find her and that should be by any means.

  9. I believe she is alive but she is suffering from some dillusional forces. I still pray for her safe return. I further hopes she gets the help she needs.

  10. Deborah Pitmon-Lane God would never take our minds away or hurt us…hes an all loving God.

  11. prayers for her safe return.

  12. Sky Carter says:

    If someone showed up at your house when your kids were there and you eventually had to file a restraining order I would think you would want to stay as far away as possible. He already stated his prayers are with the family so to me that's enough.

  13. Sky Carter says:

    If someone showed up at your house when your kids were there and you eventually had to file a restraining order I would think you would want to stay as far away as possible. He already stated his prayers are with the family so to me that's enough.

  14. Rronniba Walker says:

    I really believe she is suffering a type of mental breakdown and hope she is found and can get the help she needs.

  15. Lisa Sanders-Stewart says:

    Obviously you haven't followed the case. They have mentioned her mental illness over and over again. It is a shame that you as a black woman immediately declared another black woman had to be on drugs. You are an example of our problem

  16. Soul-Sista Angie says:

    Lisa Sanders-Stewart I COMPLETELY agree with your statement!!

  17. Jacqueline Dolly says:

    Find her best friend and you will find her.

  18. Henrika Benford says:

    I think someone saw her stranded offered her help and kidnapped her they need to check every home in Indiana

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