11 of The Most Eye-Catching Architectural Wonders of Africa



Aksum’s Giant Stelae (Ethiopia)

The ruins of the ancient city of Aksum are located close to Ethiopia’s northern border. They mark the location of the heart of ancient Ethiopia, when the Kingdom of Aksum was the most powerful state between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia. The massive ruins, dating from between the first and 13th centuries, include monolithic obelisks, giant stelae, royal tombs and the ruins of ancient castles. These obelisks, also called stelae, are known to be the tallest single pieces of stone ever quarried and erected in the ancient world. Their age and use is a complete mystery to archaeologists and historians.




Photo by Steve Mvondo

Reunification Monument (Yaounde, Cameroon)

Designed by Cameroonian sculptor Gédéon Mpando and completed in 1974, the Reunification Monument was constructed to be the most visible symbol of the unification of the two Cameroons. The twin spirals symbolize the joining together of the Francophone and Anglophone regions of nation. The monument was built in the capital city, Yaoundé, and was intended to be one of Cameroon’s major tourist attractions, just as the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.

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