‘Panic Button’ Season 1, Episode 4: ‘Do Cobras Cry?’


Panic Button Season 1, Episode 4: Do Cobras Cry?

“Panic Button” season 1, episode 4: “Do Cobras Cry? premieres tonight on truTV.

In this week’s episode, Cynthia and Brianna are friends who like to share everything, including a fear of the dark. So, why would they agree to go into the maze? Good question. Shane, aka Cobra and his muscle-bound German friend Merla, think that being totally ripped body builders makes them impervious to panic.

The series description is as follows:

“Panic Button is a pulse-pounding challenge that makes people’s deepest anxieties fun! Teams of two enter the top-secret facility to confront their worst fears. As they overcome three escalating levels of horror that put their relationships to the test, you’ll be howling with terror in one minute, and screaming with laughter the next. Will the teams make it to the final challenge? Or will they bail and hit their Panic Button?”

“Panic Button” season 1, episode 4: “Do Cobras Cry?” airs Thursday Dec. 26, 10:30 p.m. EST, on truTV. Check out a preview of the upcoming episode below.


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