Friday, July 29th, 2016

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7 World Leaders Who Did Not Attend Mandela’s Memorial

Former South African President Nelson Mandela was laid to rest the evening of  Dec. 15 in his boyhood village of Qunu in South Africa. Standing among the ranks of other globally recognized leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mandela was hailed by his people as their “greatest son.”

World leaders applauded his resilience and unrelenting fight for equality and freedom for his people.

But while more than 90 world leaders matched their rhetoric with an appearance at the memorial service for the iconic freedom fighter, others for various reasons opted to send a minion or simply declined altogether, with one prime minister saying he was “dreading” the experience.


President Omar al-Bashir (Sudan)

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir was concerned for his freedom when he chose newly appointed First Vice President Bakri Hassan Saleh to represent him at Mandela’s memorial.

A spokesman for the Sudanese Embassy confirmed to South Africa’s Sunday Independent newspaper that Bashir  did not attend to avoid any complications associated with his indictment by the International Criminal Court.

According to “Bashir faces two outstanding arrest warrants issued by ICC judges on 10 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide allegedly committed in Sudan’s western region of Darfur.”

Over 400,000 African farmers and citizens of Darfur have been murdered by Arab militias known as Janjaweed, reportedly ordered by Bashir.

If Bashir entered South Africa, he may have been arrested since South Africa is a signatory to the Rome statute that forms the basis of the ICC.

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  1. Who cares if they did not attend? Its Amazing how this website tries its hardest to create a racial divide. Why didn't it mention that Jamaica Prime minister Portia Simpson didn't attend? Jamaica has had strong political relations with South Africa and she should have attended but i guess because she is black it doesn't help the websites racist agenda.


  3. Good bye.

  4. Exactly! I hate to see a white dude claiming to be a South African. It pains me to my marrow. The faggots refused to leave because of gold and platinum. Apart from the Arabs of the North Africa who truly believe they are Africans (with the exception of Egypt who believe they are Middle Easterners than Africans), there is only one colour in Africa and that colour is BLACK!

  5. It's ridiculous to think black is the only African color! What about the mixed races too, aren't they Africans enough? 2013 guys, it's 2013!!

  6. just because you are the children of invaders that don't mean you belong

  7. blacks were all over the world as slaves when those countries got there freedom they killed the black slaver or sent them back to Africa we left those slaves that were from other countries alone they are still in black Africa they don't call themselves Africans

  8. Well said Ian Thompson sir.

  9. '….Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi also chose to play it safe…This is a stark contrast to Morsi, who many – including South Africa – believe came into power after a coup d’etat against former democratically elected President Hosni Mubarak.
    According to reports, Morsi did not attend to avoid embarrassment…'


  10. dose's it really matter if they r not black… they r Africans,, mix; breed most of us black people r mix blood , we can't change that ,what we need to know who is good and who is bad n get rid of them out of our mother land,

  11. whites never went to Africa to find white slaves

  12. @ATLANTA BLACK STAR!! Are you serious? Do you realise that Mohmed Morsi of Egypt was democratically elected after the dictator Mubarak was thrown out! In fact Morsi could not attend because he is currently imprisoned by the Egyptian Military who overthrew Morsi in a coup earlier this year! The Egyptian military is funded by guess who?! The same people who backed the dictator Mubarak in the first place!

  13. Sanusi Aliyu Mohammed

  14. arabs and jews are the same people they don't like any one but them selves they hate black people because they know we know what they are and what they are about

  15. Reem Elazazy says:

    Candidate number 2, President Mohammed Morsi is mixed up with General Abdel-Fattah ElSisi who kidnapped Morsi following a coup-de etat. I suggest you fix this because you are going to make a lot of Egyptians, including myself angry. Hosni Mubarak was ousted by a revolution in 2011. Morsi was ousted by a coup in July and was kidnapped and is currently locked up (his whereabouts are unknown). So contrary to what this article states, Sisi (the kidnapper and murderer) who is unrecognized by the South African government because of his illegitimacy is the one who sent Mohammed Faiq. He did not show up for fear of embarrassment and because the South African government does not recognize him as a legal leader since he took power by a coup. Please fix this.

  16. "Israel has an unsettling past with South Africa" understatement of the year

  17. I'm sure he's more embarrassed now more than anything.

  18. Myles Allen says:

    Very interesting

  19. They control the diamond minds in South Africa. DeBeers, does that ring a bell. Put them out.

  20. Sanusi Aliyu Mohammed That is powerful what you said. I love it.

  21. Black does not relate to color, it relates to a socio-political experience had specifically by Africans born in the diaspora and forced to live in America-which had a system of slavery that looked somewhat different than that in other areas of the diaspora. However, this does not mean that other people of African descent do not call themselves Black as well. However, "African", like German, or Korean for example, does not imply "mixed race" , as a matter of fact, unfortunately, Hitler wanted to make sure of that. Sadly, many of us have bought into the term "race", which is a political term designed to divide and conquer, If you buy into this concept and termonology ,you end up seeing yourself as seperatge and distinct from others who belong to the only race, the human race, and questions like the one you asked become important to others like you, or those who are in agreement with you. However, those individuals with "Black and White parents for example, who are born in Africa, for example, can call themselves African based on their being born in a particular African nation, however, unlike Africans whose bloodlines were not infused with the DNA of those other than other indigenous Africans, you are not considered an African geneologically. However, society has designated areas of identity for you as well, (right or wrong, good or bad) ie, bi-racial, mixed, occotoon, mullato, etc. Interestingly, many would queston your concern, since because of your mixed parantage, it's possible you are of lighter skin, and might have what some self-hating people might call "good hair". Consequently, you are allowed some of what is known as white privilege, albeit, watered down and still infused with racism – if for no other reason that by association with your white parent, who in many cases can make things happen for you that a Black parent cannot do for their Black children. Finally, you ended your post with 2013 guys, it's 2013", I think it would be helpful for you to take some Black Studies courses (I suspect you might not have had many), and engage in activities such as political education groups and engage with conscious Black, White, and various people of color in order to broaden your perspective and better understand the attitudes of many Black Africans. Don't get me wrong though, some of the most mis- informed people I have ever encountered have been African borns, who themselves because of colonization and the colonial educational system they were exposed to, are as confused and self-hating as anyone else when it comes to skin tone and what it implies. And yes, there are lighter skinned indigenous Africans, however, unless their lineage is mixed with that of North Africans, got that way due to misegination -which was generally due to the rape of African women by white men. And, yes, there are those who think they look better and their children do too, if they have lighter skin. That explains the fact that the highest sales of Ambi(a bleaching cream) exist in Africa. The highest level of self -hatred lies in the fact that too many are viewed as more beautiful and more desireable than darker women and men,(even though many would declare otherwise). Consequently, they too, want light skinned babies with "good, long hair". The way this is handled quite often is for Africans to say, "we have light skinned Africans too, and we are proud of how we look; all of us are not Black". Welllllll, being proud of how you look is a desireable quality, however, when the pride is attached to the rape of your women and the emasculation of your men, then feeling proud of having lighter skin is pathological, in my opinion.

  22. Lenise Mobley-El says:

    Understatement of the Century!

  23. Sanusi Aliyu Muhammad My brother, the country Egypt is Africa, but the current people living in it now are not Africans.

  24. Sanusi Aliyu Muhammad My brother, the country Egypt is Africa, but the current people living in it now are not Africans.

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