Monday, July 25th, 2016

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7 Black Celebrities Who Were Rejected Romantically by Other Stars


R&B star Chris Brown may have caused the bad blood between pop star Rihanna and R&B dancing machine Ciara. Right before getting into a relationship with Bajan singer Rih Rih, Brown tried to dance his way into Ciara’s heart. The two are both great dancing performers, but they definitely didn’t share the same romantic feelings. In an interview from 2007 with Giant Magazine, Brown said that he had tried to start a relationship with Ciara prior to Rihanna, but she wasn’t feeling him.

According to the magazine,”Though he approached songbird Ciara before and after he shot to fame, she turned him down both times. He even confessed his feelings to Ciara’s ex, Bow Wow, with whom Brown collaborated with on “Shortie Like Mine.”’

Chris took his rejection in stride: “I don’t stunt her that much because if I know somebody’s not attracted like that, I’m not gonna push,” Brown said. “At the end of the day, you’re not blessed with everything.”



Back in 2001, rap star Nelly reportedly tried to get Beyonce to be his lady. He revealed his interest in the R&B diva on several occasions in the media. He even appeared on a TRL show during a Destiny’s Child interview to bring her chicken from Popeye’s. Beyonce had previously announced that the restaurant was her favorite place to eat. Although the two reportedly got close while touring together on the TRL tour, rapper mogul Jay Z ended up intervening and winning the Houston beauty’s heart.

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  1. Rubbish

  2. MIchael Xavier says:

    I believe it Jay Z is shady as hell.

  3. Khani Jackson-El says:

    Dame was at beyonce first….a lot of people don't know that

  4. MIchael Xavier says:

    No Beyonce first choice was Nas and he turned her down.

  5. Kennella Collier says:

    I guarantee you he wish he never did turned her down..look where he at and Jay-Z ;))

  6. Paula S. Scott says:

    Chris Brown is better categorized as an R&B/pop artist rather than a "rapper".

  7. Wow, no mention of Will Smith and Pepa??

  8. i agree

  9. Love-Tron Lawrence says:

    Will Smith.& Pepa??!!! Lmao

  10. Mia Consuelo says:

    she was liked by J and damon and DMX. someone said she was a hoe but i dont believe that. not at all.

  11. Kennella Collier – he turned her down because her breath wasn't on point at the time.

  12. sloppy!

  13. What it should be called is "Pop Hop", a watered-down version of Hip Hop that's more palatable to society than the original because it has no message. It's purpose is not to communicate, educate or inspire, only to generate revenue and to further their agenda. Iggy Azalea, Macklemore, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, etc… they aren't Hip Hop, they're POP HOP. Hip Hop originated in the street. Pop Hop originated in corporate offices and boardrooms as a RESPONSE to Hip Hop. Hip Hop is about creativity (creating something from nothing), but Pop Hop is about productivity and profit (creating something that means nothing but makes a lot of money). Autotune and plastic surgery are just two of many scientific inventions whose main purpose is faking something you weren't born with naturally. I've been down this road before when Disco was dominating the charts in the 70s. I'm just waiting for them to gather all the old Classic Hip Hop albums in some stadium somewhere, burn them, dance around the fire and declare that (Classic) Hip Hop is dead.

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