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Friday, January 30th, 2015

5 Examples of How Blacks Can Fight For Reparations For Slavery



The Jewish people had great success in accumulating billions of dollars in reparations after the Holocaust in Germany. After World War II,  they created associations such as The World Jewish Restitution Organization and The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) and these agencies filed court cases and won reparations on behalf of the victims and their descendants.

Do Blacks deserve reparations for slavery and colonialism?  It’s a popular issue to debate. Some people observe that Native Americans, Japanese and Jewish people received reparations for crimes committed against them, and wonder why Blacks across the globe have not been compensated as well.

Maybe Black people haven’t made the right approach to secure reparations for the African Holocaust? Maybe the same arguments and strategies that the Jewish people used successfully could work for us.

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  1. Graceful Hopeful says:

    The reality of the matter is, African people allowed slavery and colonialism. It is the African people who sold other African people into slavery. Tribes hated tribes and the weak tribes were invaded, captured and sold into slavery and guess what? It still happens to this day for instance in Kenya, the Kikuyu tribe hates the Luo tribe and do not forget Rwanda. 2. Colonialists used certain tribes against others to create division i.e divide and conquer tactic and this is how they infiltrated Africa. No one "put a gun" to the black man's head to force slavery and colonialism…we allowed it. Even after colonialism, African leaders are actually worse than the colonial masters in that they want to grab all the money and not allow anything to trickle down. Take it from an African….we did all this to ourselves and we are still doing it to each other….exploiting each other for money. So if anything, Africans owe African Americans.

  2. well said… "we did this to ourselves, and we are still doing it to each other… exploiting each other for money"

  3. Tracy Dornelly says:

    "African leaders are actually worse than the colonial masters" You can't be serious! Please stop.

  4. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    So, let me get this straight: because Africans were complicit in the sale of other Africans into slavery, the EUROPEAN BUYERS–who not only drove the demand for more 'slaves', but also made the institution of slavery even MORE horrific–should not be held accountable, too?! Sorry, I'm not buying it. That logic is like another current argument involving whites who want to use the 'n' word, claiming that since black people use it, they should be able to as well. The use of the word is wrong, inappropriate, racist, ignorant, etc, WHOEVER uses it. The institution of slavery is/was barbaric and stripped away culture, tore families apart, led to the underdevelopment of entire regions, promoted unimaginable cruelty, chaos and death REGARDLESS OF WHO WAS SELLING AND WHO WAS BUYING, so in my humble opinion, NO ONE gets a pass. They are all culpable! Those Africans who participated in the sale of human beings were motivated by greed and low morality, JUST like the people to whom they sold human beings–if reparations come due because of the roles they played in the debilitation of GENERATIONS of African people, then let whomever is guilty pay the price–ALL, not just some

  5. Actually, they did put guns to the head of some tribal leaders making deals with them to take weapons on credit and offering to purchase all of the captives/prisoners from the conflicts to pay off the debt…

  6. Glester Thorpe says:

    Michael Hines Exactly…

  7. It is sad that we think so little of ourselves, and know so little of our history. What many of us know is what those who have harmed us in ways that are inhumane have told us. We believe whatever is fed to us without doing our own research. Yes, some rulers were tricked into selling humans. Some were threatened with their own lives and their own families. Many humans were just snatched. We want to believe the kings were all at fault so the Europeans will feel better and not have to take any blame. The Europeans went over to Africa. Africans did not bring other Africans here. Many do not know that some Jewish leaders were also working with the Nazis during their Holocaust. How do you think they and their families were kept safe? Some native Americans cooperated with the enemy as well. Many African chiefs have apologized for the wrong doings of their predecessors. Many did not even know that the Africans they were selling would be turned into slaves. If a man sells his children into slavery and the descendants of those children become slaves for two hundred years, should the children be punished for the father's sins?

  8. Yes, we are exploiting one another. Other groups are exploiting their own as well, but only Blacks are highlighted. Similar to the term "Black on Black' crime. Whites kill Whites. Asians kill Asians. Latinos kill Latinos. People kill where they live. We are so brain-washed. Countries are exploiting Africa left and right taking it apart piece by piece, forcing Africans to work as slaves to this day for our riches that we enjoy. The wars are instigated. Africans are not heathens. We did not turn ourselves into slaves. Someone else did that. We do not lynch ourselves. Someone else did and still do that. A battered wife feels that she has done something wrong and that she should be beaten daily. She has low self-esteem. She doesn't love herself. She does not respect herself. She feels she "did this to herself" and therefore should continue to be beaten for the rest of her life. Unless she one day wakes up and realizes it is not her. It is the person she has allowed to rule her life and trick her into thinking what he wants her to think. One day the Black man/woman will realize there is nothing wrong with them, and take back their rightful place in society. One day.

  9. Thank you Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson. Thank you for making it plain.

  10. You made it plain we should get reparations they are talking about all this immigration reform, Arabs, Chinese, Bosnians have better chances at getting SBA loans building liquor stores, beauty supply houses oppressing black consumers.

  11. I am sorry, truly sorry for your miseducation. But as HT said:"I rescued hundreds of my people from slavery and I could have rescued hundreds more, if only they had known that they were slaves."

  12. This week one Caribbean state bought lands from the Church that was illegally occupied by landless people- all ancestors of slaves. This land was sold at USD$0.04 per sq ft. The point is we are still suffering the effects of slavery and colonialism in the Caribbean and the present is foot the bill for a problem not of our making!

  13. There were also Jews complicity in the so called holocaust however that didn't stop them from seeking reparations.

  14. I find it so odd that we can logically consider reparations for what our ancestors experienced hundreds of years ago…but personally I am now allowed to file civil rights lawsuits against the all white communities and all white schools that did so much damage to my childhood 30-40 years ago because the statute of limitations has expired. BTW…chigaboo is the nickname given to me in the all-white town I lived in…the 'kinder' white people called me chigaboo as an alternative to the 'jigaboo' nickname the racist white folks used. Why can't I get justice for MY experiences but the black community demands justice for what they did not experience? Like I said…odd.

  15. Chaveevah, I liked what you said. Just so you know, I took the liberty to share some current Reparations information with you on your Facebook page.

  16. Michael Hines Exactly. besides, do think the other nations are blaming their people for selling them out? No, their not! They understand that this point of view will only hinder their argument and demonstrates political weakness.

  17. Sherelle Diggs says:

    This is one of the best responses I have seen. People seem to forget that rival tribes started the selling by capturing each other. Then the dumba****s ended up slaves themselves and Africa's treasures have been robbed ever since.

  18. That's wrong

  19. Glester Thorpe says:

    You guys have to please stop answering these post with your ignorant perspective on history. It is not a simple as you put it. Do you believe 60 million people were sold into slavery from rival tribal leaders? Read the stories of when the portuguese went to west african in the early 15 century. Africans tribal leaders had guns put to their heads. They were also killed by the portuguese upon arrival. Also, African servitude was a different concept from european and arab slavery. The concepts of burning, maming, castrating, hanging and etc, were things that the arabs and europeans implemented into slavery. Africans also didn't have a concept of enslaving someone for life, just a period of debt servitude. Please stop regurgitating false european political history it makes you look very ignorant.

  20. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    Glester Thorpe, I don't know who you're calling "ignorant", but since your answer is under my heading, I'm going to assume you're talking to me. No, I do not believe 60 million people were sold into slaveyr from rival tribal leaders. My response, specifically, was regarding folks who believe that reparations shouldn't be considered since Africans had a hand in the sale/transfer of other Africans into slavery. If you wish to enlighten other people and have them actually LISTEN to you, you can educate folks without pointing out what they lack…to do otherwise, but calling them 'ignorant' makes it appear that your main objective is to showcase how smart YOU are and how much YOU know. Peace

  21. L Taja Lappier says:

    I love this website! Thank you, Atlanta Black Star. I say, get our asses off money! Over 6 billion people are completely controlled globally because of money! Join me in transitioning off money… then no one will control you!

  22. L Taja Lappier says:

    Industrialized countries still benefited from 400 hundred years of free labor that built nations.

    Hundred of thousands if not millions of blacks were murdered over a 400 year period. Blacks have endured the worst humanity of any people–yes, we should be compensated!

    If the Jews can get compensated after 7 years of brutality, certainly we can get compensated after 400 damn years… we are still brutalized today. Let's make it an even 550 years.

    Keep in mind; they breed slaves into a lifetime of slavery. I think we should get off money and see this country fall. Today, blacks are the most exploited and receive the least consideration.

    As a futurist, I see our future… a huge black slave free labor source through the industrial prison complex. This is our future… not education, building personal wealth or health… but, prison for small non-violent crimes or illegal plea bargains. To date, prisons pay the lowest wages in the world. The fastest growing populations in jail are black women for small non-violent crimes. Why? They are better workers.

    Wake the heck up folks! Let's Get Off Money/ and change our world.

  23. Glester Thorpe says:

    Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson you're correct. i should have been more cordial in my approach. However, I never said anyone you were ignorant. I said it was an ignorant statement and I apologize if it came off as such. My point is simple though, history isn't taught to us as it was really depicted so we should read more on the slavery in west Africa. Dr. John Henrick Clark is a good historical scholar who go into debt about it in many speeches on youtube. Peace.

  24. Glester Thorpe You are correct in that African Americans/Caribbeans have now taken over and propagating the myth that 'Africans' sold their brothers and sisters to while slavers. It's only when you ask who were these Africans and from what countries they hail that they pause to think that they have no substantive answer and were just regurgitating the Europeans talking points. These African countries did not even exist in their current form during the slave trade era. So I do not see how they can be held accountable in any shape or form.

  25. Ms. Ferguson: I read your reply to the article on Black Reparations as well as some of the others and I have the following response: Your knowledge of the the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade as well as traditional African slavery suggests that you have only a surface knowledge of the subject. That is, you only know what somebody has told you or something that you read in a brief magazine article or movie. First of all you should realize that the continent of Africa is five time the size of the United States. History has proven that throught the history of Africa, the only kind of slavery which existed was indentured servitude. This means that people were indeed sold from one ethnic group to another but the bondage was different than what developed centuries later in the United States and the West Indies. In Africa, if a person was sold into bondage, he or she was only required to work for a specific amount of time, perhaps seven years being the longest. At that time the person was freed with all of his or her rights as a free citizen restored. The former slaveowner was required to provide that person with land, clothing, cattle, food and whatever it took to restore that person back to normalcy. Please listen to me well. THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS PERPETUAL SLAVERY IN AFRICA!!!! That was a system that was developed in North America beginning circa, 1640 in Virginia. The African rulers who originally began selling slaves to Europeans did so with the understanding that their people would be sold as indentured slaves. Under the same method that they were sold on the Black Continent. And this was what the sea captians agreed to. Read your history books before you make a "half cocked statement." You will find that that the first Africans to arrive in Virginia were not slaves, but indentured servants! The African rulers were duped as time went on. The colonist in Virginia were required to emancipate any African slave who converted to Christianity. This was the law as handed down from England who ruld the American colonies. The white citizens of Virginia and the other colonies became frustrated because as soon as the slaves learned that they could be liberated upon conversion to Christianity, they immediately converted. The whites realized that they would never have a slave labor force on such legal terms so around 1640, the law was repealled. The new law stated all slaves brought into the colonies from Africa were to be hence fourth considered as SLAVES FOR LIFE. This means that not only the person who had been captured and landed in America, but that person's children and all of his decendands without any hope of ever being freed. In Africa the rulers had no way of knowing what had transpired in North America and the West Indies so the trade continued. It is on these grounds that the African population of America today are asking for reparations. I hope that I have made this clear and please feel free to reply.

  26. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    Michael Nash , my point was not to display my depth [or lack thereof] of knowledge about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Nor was it my point to compare and contrast slavery on the continent of Africa [which was indeed closer to indentured servitude] with the horrendous institution of slavery as it was practiced here in the U.S. MY POINT, which I will restate, is that the same greed and low morality that motivated EUROPEAN slavers is the same greed and low morality that motivated the Africans who participated in the slave trade. There's no "good" form of slavery. While there was definitely a vast difference in how slavery was instituted by Africans and Europeans, there was NOTHING noble about capturing and enslaving other human beings. PERIOD. In my humble opinion, neither the white slave buyer nor the black slave seller gets a pass. It was morally bankrupt, period. Whatever I know of the history of the slave trade, I learned from either reading or from being taught by someone whose knowledge I respected and/or believed, same as yourself. Neither of us has experienced it firsthand. Since you've mentioned "half-cocked statements", please make sure you're not guilty of the same by responding to such statements that weren't even made. While I appreciate you expanding my knowledge base, I am not that person who accepts whatever is said, out-of-hand, and I don't feel that I have to try and dazzle others with what I do know, nor defend my perspective regarding what I haven't yet discovered/learned.

  27. Aset Kemet says:

    Learn some real history u FAKE Black people!!! NO ONE in my family owned slaves however my family were slaves…so we should not get what we deserve because some fools like u say we were complicit?? What a dumb disrespectful bitch u are!!

  28. Aset Kemet says:

    Learn some real history u FAKE Black people!!! NO ONE in my family owned slaves however my family were slaves…so we should not get what we deserve because some fools like u say we were complicit?? What a dumb disrespectful bitch u are!!

  29. Aset Kemet says:

    Learn some real history u FAKE Black people!!! NO ONE in my family owned slaves however my family were slaves…so we should not get what we deserve because some fools like u say we were complicit?? What a dumb disrespectful bitch u are!! AND THESE PEOPLE ARE WHITE WITH FAKE PROFILE PIXS!!! ONE OR TWO ARE BLACK BUT THESE ARE FOOLS

  30. Aset Kemet says:

    Aja Zola ok white boy

  31. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    Aset Kemet , if you're talking to me, I suggest you read my ENTIRE statement [which is, indeed MY OPINION and therefore mine to express, whether you agree or not] …I don't know who is or isn't a "fake", hell, for all I know YOU could be. If you are real, and you are really calling ME a bitch, someone you don't even know–simply because my opinion is something you don't like/agree with, it's you with the damn problem. I don't have all the answers, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, neither do you. namecalling only exposes the weakness in your arguments. If you want to school me, by all means DO. My mind is open, but not to swallowing YOUR opinions whole. that is all… peace

  32. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    Aset Kemet , if you're talking to me, I suggest you read my ENTIRE statement [which is, indeed MY OPINION and therefore mine to express, whether you agree or not] …I don't know who is or isn't a "fake", hell, for all I know YOU could be. If you are real, and you are really calling ME a bitch, someone you don't even know–simply because my opinion is something you don't like/agree with, it's you with the damn problem. I don't have all the answers, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, neither do you. namecalling only exposes the weakness in your arguments. If you want to school me, by all means DO. My mind is open, but not to swallowing YOUR opinions whole. that is all… peace

  33. Ivory Robinson says:

    I serious doubt that it was that many tribes selling our ancestors. That's not completely true. Caucasians were practicing canobolism against each other. Should there be reparations for them? Ghana apologized for their involvement in the slave trade. European historians overplay the whole you sold yourselves to keep us in America from uniting with our brothers and sisters in Africa. We are being brainwashed and manipulated on both continents. Genocide just doesn't happen for the sake of happening. Many factors play into it. Europeans committed some of the most evil crimes against us. Now we're the problem? Think about it brothers and sisters. We deserve ours and we deserve it now!

  34. Theodora Anagor says:

    Sherelle Diggs Actually that is not how it happened then again you get your info from white supremacists education institutions. Africa had did not have chattel slavery it was indentured, it was in cases of conflict, crime against the community or a person in the community., the person either did a set term or were indoctrinated into the family or tribe, it was never generational. When the Europeans came to Africa they too advantage of this aspect of African life, when Africans discovered what Europeans were doing they banned it, the fought wars against the Europeans because of it, Africans were already fighting a 900 years war with the Arabs against their slavery of their people. Some tribes his in the bush, Europeans had a quota system, there are several examples of kings being lynched and beheaded, the Dutch have recently given back one of these heads of a Ghanain king. There are also several instances of Africa royalty being enslaved themselves and sold into slavery in the Americas, quite a lot. There were kingdoms with the equivalent might of the Euros sheltered people from other kingdoms, tribes from being captured by Europeans.

  35. There is no way to hold those people accountable unless you have records. Do you have them? No? Then your point is moot!

  36. If you haven't read these books, you need to!

    Run, do not walk to get them.

    There also the crimes post slavery to sue for!!!

    The New Jim Crow
    The Half Hasn't Ben Told
    Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder
    Ebony and Ivy
    Black Jacobins

    From these books, we need to detail every exploitation and crime, then take people to court.

  37. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    John Blyth institutionalized racism is a "record" within itself. Do I have THAT record? Why yes, we see evidence of it every day: in the laws and the ways in which they're unequally practiced/enforced, by race. Since no former slave owners still live–and when they DID live, didn't always keep a flawless account of what they did and what monies flowed through their hands–reparations would have to be granted in something other than a 'dollar amount', if that's what you mean by 'accountability'. As long as racism/societal injustice remains, my "point" will never be moot.

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