Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Season 2 Premiere

Dutchess Black Ink Crew Season 2

Black Ink Crew” Season 2 premieres tonight on VH1, where the Black Ink family will be facing some major changes.

In the second season’s premiere, things start off chaotic with O’S**t’s visit to court and a family gathering which disintegrates into all out drama . Meanwhile, Puma oversteps his boundaries and after a physical fight and heated argument between him and Ceaser, there’s a stunning end to a 15-year friendship. Puma decides he no longer wants to work at Black Ink.

To see how the drama unfolds, tune in to VH1 Monday at 9:00 pm/8 central to watch the Black Ink Crew season  premiere. Check out the previews below.



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  1. Dutchess is a total psycho, but you gotta love the confidence and swagger she's got to go with it. I also love that they used Chancellor Warhol's song "Au Revoir" when she had her photoshoot for the tattoo magazine, that song has the same attitude that Dutchess carries herself with. Watch out Caesar, you better run from this one before it's too late.

  2. Ceaser can do better he need to send Dutchess on the next thing smoking back to where she came from she have a lot of drama with her plus she lie all the time she told Cea she never loved no other man but him come on bitch stop playing Cea like a bitch that's why she don't want him to have no friends the bitch is " BIPOLAR " she lied on Teddy to Sassy saying Ted started the rumor about him and Sassy but told Ted that she told Sassy she said it she need to grow the fuck up leave Black Ink and let Black Ink get back to the way it was before Dutchess came there with all the bull shit last week Dutchess said her grandmother told her not to chase after a man just replace them Cea need to replace her A.S.A.P. after this week there is NO MORE BLACK INK for me until Dutchess get kicked to the curb……….I love my self some Sassy she is a true sister, Sassy keep being you and a true friend to your true friends the evil witch of black ink ( Dutchess ) need to learn from Sassy how to be a real person……

  3. The bitch fake her heart condition

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