Sunday, July 24th, 2016

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Ring The Alarm: Black Family Kicked Out of Applebee’s Over Babies’ Behavior

Family of 'active' kids shocked to be kicked out of Applebee's

It seems like Applebee’s is not that family friendly after all. At least that is the dining experience claimed by Eli Gau, a Texas father who admits that his children might not always be on their best behavior.

When the oldest boy wandered away from the table, prompting Gau to grab him, a manager approached him, claiming the children were making too much noise, according to CBS Houston.

Gau says his kids were just being kids. “They’re kind of active,” he said of his 1-year-old and 3-year-old sons. “They act like children. They’re not adults.”

The Huffington Post writes, “Gau was angry his family was asked to leave the Katy Texas Applebee’s because of their behavior. The manager kicked the family out of the restaurant and called the authorities. As the family walked outside, they were met by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy, who gave them a notice warning them of criminal trespassing.”

“I feel disrespected,” the boys’ mother, Lillian Maliti said.

An Applebee’s spokesperson apologized for the incident and said that the management team mishandled the situation and has invited the Gau family to return for a free meal. The family has decided not to use the offer and to take their business elsewhere.

There was no mention of race in the incident, but it’s hard not to ask whether Applebee’s management would have responded differently, had the Gaus been white.

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  1. Funny how so much of this story was left out of this post. Why didn't you include other peoples accounts of this A. Moore? Yet just another sad example of media manipulation. Disgusting!

  2. Race had nothing to do with this it is called respect people need to control there children in a restaurant if iam eating I DO NOT want your children running around disrupting my meal. I have as much right to eat my meal in peace as you do. Applebee's needs to stand their ground if you are disrupting the other guest in the restaurant than you need to go I don't care what race you are. GET YOUR KIDS UNDER CONTROL

  3. Annunaki Iamnotahuman Tucker-Ferguson says:

    I see bad, boisterous, loud, whiny white kids running around all the time in restaurants and stores. Never once saw their families asked to leave.

  4. calling the police is defly a bit much.#period

  5. Jill Diehl, is absolutely corrected. There’s nothing more embarrassing than little brats running around making a scene, creating boisterous noises, with obnoxious behaviors. People, have your kids under control. There is something about hospitable decorum while out in public that some people simply just don’t understand. If I were the parents, I would be embarrassed. However, I am not, because my children know how to behave themselves out in public. This has nothing to do with race, either. Little brats aren’t monochromatic.

  6. William Morris says:

    You left out a few things. How about talking to the other patrons there, the ones who said the kids were running around yelling at other diners who were trying to enjoy their meal. I am so sick of the race card. As for racism, when I visited my daughter in Atlanta, black employees at Target wouldn't even acknowledge me. Let's talk about reverse racism for a change.

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