Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

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Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine Addresses Gay Rumors

michael-jordan-daughterBasketball legend Michael Jordan‘s daughter with ex-wife Juanita has responded to rumors of her sexuality. Jordan’s 20-year old daughter Jasmine shared several notes on Instagram after a photo of her hugging another woman surfaced.

According to gossip site Media Take Out, the other woman is Jasmine’s girlfriend.

“[We] spoke with a person in the know that tells us that Michael’s daughter is dating a girl named Carmen. And the Instagram posts – with the hugs and the hearts – seems to confirm those reports.”

Without directly responding to the rumors, Jasmine addressed the site:

“MTO has struck again! Lol but just like the last time, I’m chillin and not bothered. Negativity go to the left and take a seat. No time for that! Everyone have an amazing day!”

She continued: ”Until love, trust, honesty, repost, loyalty, commitment, genuine, happiness and other characteristics or aspects I want in a relationship is defined by one gender then and only then will I discuss my sexual preference.”

michael jordan's daughter gay


  1. You said more than enough girl.

  2. Shame

  3. Christina Reppin'Uno Sanders says:

    WOWWW! I thought Magic Johnson had it bad!#DAMN.

  4. America is poisoning the black youth…..smh.

  5. Not at all

  6. What ever. . It would be less of an issue if she was with somebody that wasn't making her happy.

  7. Awesome!! As long as she's not doing it for publicity..which I don't think she is…she looks genuinely happy with her 🙂

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