Monday, July 25th, 2016

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Don Lemon Says There’s a ‘Culture of Violence’ Among Young Black Men

don-lemon-sex-abuseIs there a culture of violence in the African-American community? That was the position taken by CNN anchor Don Lemon recently on a panel discussion addressing the issue of race in the media.

CNN brought together Lemon, New York Times columnist Charles Blow and writer Brian Beutler to discuss the difficulties the media has in covering racial issues. Eric Deggans, who hosted the panel, first introduced the strange coverage of the murder of Australian college baseball player Chris Lane, who alledgedly was killed by three teens in Oklahoma—two of them black and one of them white.

In the conservative media, the case has launched a slew of reverse racism attacks on “mainstream” media—and even the White House, for not responding in the same way they responded to the killing of Trayvon Martin.

The teens said they shot 23-year-old Australian Chris Lane because ”we were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody,” one of them, Michael Jones, 17, who is white, told the police. Jones, 17, was accused of being an accessory to first-degree murder while James Edwards, 15, and Chancey Luna, 16, were charged with first-degree murder.

The attacks on the media and African-American leaders were especially evident at Fox News, where the hosts of “Fox and Friends” pursued the issue relentlessly this morning, wondering why Rev. Al Sharpton and President Obama haven’t commented on Lane’s murder. On his radio show last week, Rush Limbaugh said Lane’s killing was “Trayvon Martin in reverse.” Limbaugh said the “mainstream media’s” failure to cover the racial aspects of the crime was clear evidence of complicity in “the destruction of American culture and society.”

Limbaugh pointed out that one of the accused shooters “worships rappers” and celebrates “thug culture.”

While the CNN panelists all agreed that the conservative media’s current obsession with comparing murders was strange and counterproductive, Lemon declared that there is a “culture of violence” among young men in America and particularly in the African-American community. This comes after Lemon was attacked for saying that he agreed with some of the statements of Bill O’Reilly that blacks needed to take more responsibility for their behavior.

But Blow said it was wrong-headed to label the entire black community with the “culture of violence” tag when the overwhelming majority of African-Americans were law-abiding citizens doing the right thing.

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  1. Any incident involving people of different races can be interpreted in such a way, that it can be made out to be a racially charged incident. Zimmerman may or may not have racially profiled Martin. He did, however, profile him as a criminal, he pursued, engaged, got into a physical altercation, and shot his suspect. The incident was interpreted in such a way, that it led to Zimmerman's exoneration, which led to a questioning of the judicial process. It was in Bill O'Reilly's response to President Obama's statements about the incident, that he implied that Trayvon Martin's criminalization, was his own fault, because of the statistic, that states Black males or more likely to be involved in violent crimes, than Whites or Hispanics, and that Martin fit the description of someone, who that statistic applies to. In the Christopher Lane incident, the shooters may or may not have acted solely on the basis of race. It was a senseless killing nonetheless. When Rush Limbaugh makes it a point to state that one of the accused shooters worships rappers, and celebrates thug culture, you implicate the same demographic represented in the previously stated statistic. It is the senselessness, and perceived injustice respective to these incidents that should be up for discussion. What has happened is, the discussions around such incidents, are framed around which race of people, the violent nature of these crimes can be attributed to, and that finger always seems to get pointed at Blacks.

  2. Wonder WHY no one has the GUTS to respond to this FACT of a Culture of Violence ! Could it be that the PRISONS being FULL of African Americans is NOT PROOF ENOUGH ??? Now, we have the LIBERAL response : they have "discovered" that the real cause of high populations of Blacks in PRISON is caused by …. GRADE SCHOOLS ! Schools which are SUSPENDING Black MALES at 3X & 4X the rate of other ethnic groups ! MAYBE THAT IS BECAUSE THE CULTURE OF VIOLENCE IN BLACK HOMES TRAINS THESE BLACK MALES TO BE VIOLENT FROM THE TIME THAT THEY QUIT NURSING AND THROW AWAY THEIR BINKEYS ???? Suspending Grade School Black MALES is PROOF that the CULTURE OF VIOLENCE in the Black "community" is TAUGHT AT HOME ; and is injected into Pre-Schools, Grammer Schools , Junior High-Schools , and High Schools …. all across America ! This VIOLENCE is their version of STAND YOUR GROUND , as taught in the Black Family , and executed upon America ! Then the RACIST MEDIA tries to turn their crimes into another BIAS against the REAL CRIMINALS ! WHAT A CIRCUS !

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