7 Films that Exposed the Reality of Police Brutality


Malcolm X
Malcolm X

Spike Lee set the tone right away in his film, “Malcolm X.” One of the very first things you notice when you watch the film, is footage of the violent beating of Rodney King by police officers. Lee included a scene, considered one of the greatest scenes in film history, in which Malcolm X spearheads a well-disciplined march to a Harlem hospital housing Brother Johnson, a Muslim brother who suffered an episode of police brutality.

    “Lakeview Terrace”

Lakeview Terrace movie poster

Lakeview Terrace” shows in a fictitious way, a police officer’s abuse of power. It matters not, that the violator is a black cop, played by Samuel L. Jackson, police training is a big part of why officers act the way they act. Just because Abel has a dislike for his neighbors, he goes out of his way to make their lives difficult.

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