Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

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Beyonce’s Ex-Bandmate LeToya Luckett Stirs Debate on ‘Sin of Being Gay’

letoya luckett 1Is being gay a sin?

Beyonce’s former Destiny’s Child bandmate and friend, LeToya Luckett appears to think so.

Luckett released some frustrations – not so much about the sin of being gay but that it’s the only sin people tend to focus on.

The Houston native posted on Facebook yesterday,

Being GAY is the ONLY sin people focus on. Cursing? Sin. Sex before marriage? Sin. Sins are sins. Y’all are too judgmental, that’s also a sin.”

Luckett’s position on the subject of homosexuality and judging isn’t entirely surprising, since as a child she grew up and performed at her Brentwood Baptist Church.

Within three hours of posting the statement, Luckett received over 800 “likes” and nearly 100 comments.

One standout comment from Michael Scott challenged the misuse of the words “homophobia” and “judging.”

He wrote, in part:

“All have sinned but to exchange the truth for a lie…exchange the natural for the unnatural never makes it right or any sin all have say something is wrong is not judging…We’re all called to love but we are not called to agree with a lifestyle…It’s okay to condemn every other lifestyle but the minute you speak out against homosexuality then it’s called judging or you’re homophobic….”

Juice Fromdayone questioned the role of the media:

“Only because the media pushes it in our face everyday, don’t see any straight people parading to be excepted or promoting “im straight”, as a Christian it’s a(n) abomination according to the bible, yes they (there) are many sins, but this one is the only (one) that thrives to be noticed, most people who are gay have more issues than we think, never completely happy, but its not up to no human to judge, God got that”

Meanwhile Luckett, who joined Beyonce to form the original Destiny’s Child, has other projects she’s focused on when not stirring up debates on Facebook.

Later this month July 21, fans can watch Luckett on Centric network’s Culturelist.

During an interview to promote the show Luckett revealed to that she’s also working on new music.

“I’m working in the studio right now. You should be hearing something from me very soon. The sound is different, I’ve been working with different producers than my last album. It’s definitely still R&B, of course. I’m trying some new things. Live bands, and even vocally. I am just trying some new stuff and I hope the fans love it. It’s still young and fresh, but it’s still LeToya.”


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  1. Heterosexuals are fracking exhausting.

  2. Cedric Anthony says:

    The Facebook page the author makes reference to in this article is from an imposter page, and not from LeToya's official Facebook page. LeToya never made those comments.

  3. yes, being gay is a sin, cursing, stealing, killing, drugs, fornication, are all sins. Letoya shouldn't have to apologize for telling the truth, I hope she doesn't. Being gay is a sin, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't love them unconditionally.

  4. Little mama,your speaking the truth… It is A sin… as well as all the others you pointed out

  5. Little mama,your speaking the truth… It is A sin… as well as all the others you pointed out

  6. thanks for agreeing, it seems like if someone voice an opinion, some people get so easily offended

  7. Everything is a sin. All sin is equal yea I'm gay but that don't make u better than. God sees no color.

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