Thursday, July 28th, 2016

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: Season 2, Episode 13 ‘Up in Flames’

This week, on Season 2,episode 13 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Up in Flames,” Scrappy has to deal with some serious problems. Meanwhile, drama surrounds Dashaun and Traci after Drew invites them out to apologize, but brings up Dashaun’s criminal past. Joseline makes a secret purchase and Rasheeda and her mother tag-team against Kirk.

Joseline continues to press Stevie for more commitment, but her jealousy could destroy her relationship with him. Erica takes drastic measures to ensure financial security for herself and her daughter.

Watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2, episode 13 “Up in Flames” on VH1 at 8pm E/T

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  1. cant wait to see wot befalls:lil scrappy&erica and shay.The bad Joseline.'the uuuu-dramatic K michelle.chris browns dj&his baby mama tracy.Mimi&Rasheeda boo Kirk.Stevie j the list is xo endless..anxious for season 2 ep 13

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